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What is Culture Rebel?

The world already has enough desperate housewives so….

Culture Rebel is about a different way of living, a transformational way of seeing the culture we live in. It calls for rebellion to the negative messages culture preaches from all its mediums. It’s a stand-off to the status quo; a busting out of mediocrity and a full on sprint to a life living right on the edge of a new ideal.

Your life can have meaning again.  All it takes is a little rebelling.  You aren’t called to be desperate, you are called to be dangerous.  The book tells you how.


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“Connie Jakab is a force to be reckoned with. She will settle for nothing less than wholesale change—both in the way women view themselves as well as the way society suppresses their life transforming capacities. Long may her cultural rebellion last!”

– Alan Hirsch: Author, Activist, Dreamer, and Honorary Member of the Sisterhood

“Connie Jakab is honest. In this book, she’s honest with herself and with you, and she points to the culture around us and calls it what it is: empty. Will you accept her challenge to rebel against this emptiness and choose to live for what really matters? To be a rebel with a cause?”

 Amy Simpson:Editor,

“If you are happy with being a “success-crazed, comfort-seeking, status-hungry consumer”, then you better watch out: Connie Jakab has some strong words for you. But if you struggle with the temptation to be that kind of person, and you desire instead to live a life of purpose and meaning, then read Culture Rebel, because Connie Jakab has some strong words for you. This bold, honest, spirited book will challenge you towards a life that more deeply resembles the greatest culture rebel of all–Jesus–who knew a few things about saying strong words. Connie’s words may not always be easy to read as they target those areas in your life that need stretching. But go with the stretching, and be prepared to be transformed into a culture rebel yourself.”

Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom and founding member, Redbud Writers Guild

“Jakab had me at ‘Visa bill as heart monitor’! Connie Jakab has allowed her eyes to be opened to the captivating lure of culture, and in this book your eyes will be opened as well. Warning: Don’t read it if you have no intention of being challenged or changed. This journey is for the brave of heart!”

– Margot Starbuck Author of “The Girl in the Orange Dress”, “Unsqueezed” and “Small Things With Great Love”

Culture Rebel is a high-spirited and unapologetically no nonsense read. With personal story, humor, and poignant insight, Jakab reminds us all to rebel — to throw off the tyranny of opinion of the world and fearlessly be who we are made to be.

– Shayne Moore, author Global Soccer Mom and Refuse To Nothing

Culture Rebel, is refreshing, engaging, motivating and honest.  Yes, a
honest look, at life, our values that control us.  It puts the mirror right
in our face and helps to stop pretending and start doing something
worthwhile with our lives.  Tired of the ordinary, needing new impetus to
make your world better?  Culture Rebel will get you on the path.
– Ian Green Executive Director Proton Foundation.

“Culture Rebel” is like sitting down with Connie Jakab over a cup of coffee and having her passionately share the insights that come to a young women who is determined to seriously follow Jesus and impact her world. Engage the conversation and be encouraged to be the culture rebel Jesus calls us to be”.
-Dave Wells – Superintendant of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

“This book is fierce, it’s fiery and will inspire you to change you life for the greater good! I believe it will challenge and redefine culture as we know it. Culture rebel will become a new term in the dictionary, and Connie has effectively and powerfully described what it takes for people to go from being part of a society that continues to dominate our “consumer” mindsets to becoming an ultimate culture rebel and being who we are really meant to be. This account is personal, refreshing and will encourage you to be BRAVE and really LIVE your Life to the fullest!!

  • – Marika recording artist

“Grab a homemade coffee and put on your comfy-pants before sitting down to read this book. In Culture Rebel, Connie takes you on a journey away from the status quo and into the world of dissatisfaction with what is normal. It’s not a particularly easy process but the move from status quo to culture-rebel and then on to culture-maker is the only option when we get a grasp for the heart of God. Read this book, and your world just might change!”

– Jeremy Postal, missional leader Whistler, BC