It’s a new year.  It’s a day of new horizons, the promise of a bright future, and hopes to start looking less like a stuffed turkey.


You’re not alone if taking action over the “bulge” is one of your new year’s plans.   All over the world diets were started and quit today with excuses labelled, “tomorrow”.  Why did such great intention end in grave disappointment? Because today, “enough” wasn’t a popular concept. 


I rank among one of the many choosing to make healthier choices in order to regain my pre-preggo size.  I started with cleaning out my pantry of any temptations.  Oh look! A bag of kinder chocolates!  I must get rid of them.  Thirty minutes later and the bag is gone, all the chocolates are causing my stomach rumbles.  That’s not what the magazine meant by “cleaning out the pantry” was it?….  Dang, I did it again.


With me,  one chocolate, one cookie, one piece of pie is never enough.  I like to think of myself as one who lives out the motto; “Go big or go home”.  Too bad my physique is starting to take it seriously too…


If you dare, I want to take you and I on a journey of what a culture rebel looks like on a diet.  Its very different than what we’ve seen and heard in the books and magazines we’ve read.  If you dare, this could really change your whole perspective on life; and the way you look too.


Ready?  I’ve already touched on our first thought: “enough”. You’ve had enough.  We need to stop seeing food as our right to have “more” (and more and more)   More dip! More meat! More sweets! More salty!  All for the god of ME who wants MORE! NOW!


Put the chip bag down.  You’ve had one too many.  How do I know?  The empty bag tells me so.  You don’t need to eat it all in one sitting.   You weren’t even hungry.  Time to learn a little something called discipline when it comes to cravings.  Time to foster thankfulness and even contentment for what you had that was sufficient for fueling your body.


Our bodies show who’s god.  Look down and get a look at who’s really in control.   If you can’t see your feet (or if there flubba hanging over your belt),  it’s time for a civil war; a fight for your body back.


But we all know its a fight for more than an outward appearance. It’s to regain control and balance back that will result outwardly to what’s going on inwardly.


If you’re ready for war, come back tomorrow.

This may hurt….