I Want to be Your Coach

Every package includes online modules you can follow along at your own pace, and a PDF printable workbook.

I want to be YOUR coach!

6 Sessions

Find Your Brave Belonging

What it includes:

  • Finding your brave values

  • Discovering your brave belonging

  • Uncovering your brave path to wellness

  • Setting up brave boundaries

  • Becoming brave to dream again

  • Committing to a brave life

6-12 Sessions

Launch Your Dream

Book, Business, Speaking Career, Non Profit...

What it includes:

  • Finding Your Brave Unique Voice (that will stand out in today's world)

  • Finding Your Brave Audience

  • Finding Your Brave Solution

  • Finding Your Brave to Market Yourself

  • Creating a Brave Revenue Plan

  • Creating a Brave Sales Funnel

  • Creating a Brave Vision for Change and a Brave Inner World

Inner Circle - For Culture Creating Leaders

6 month Cohort of women ready for their next level of leadership

What it includes:

  • Finding Your Brave Voice

  • Discovering the Brave Culture Creator in You

  • Crushing Creativity Crushers

  • Walking the Brave Wilderness

  • How to Create Brave, Connected Spaces

  • Moving Past Naysayers and Becoming the Brave Leader You Were Born to Be!

These are done in one hour monthly group coaching calls with a cohort of other strong women leaders ready to level up and journey together. This also includes three one on one coaching sessions, and a full day retreat option at the end.

Bring Them Closer

For Parents and Teachers

What it includes:

  • For the cost of just one counselling session, you will receive 7 insightful video sessions to do at your own pace and convenience, accompanied by PDF materials and a workbook to enhance your learning experience.

  • This course is a flexible, accessible resource tailed to fit into your busy schedule.


I'm Connie.

I am the CEO of the Jakab Co, author, speaker, and culture creator. I work with other culture creators to see their dreams come to fruition, as well as help schools, workplaces, and homes design connected cultures that bring people to life.