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I give keynote speeches that make the audience feel something. It's not just a talk, it's an experience that will leave them wowed.

Keynote speeches that speak to real life issues and real life solutions, and how we can come back to one another and what's really important for ourselves and our organizations.

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Finding Your Brave Belonging

Everyone you see today has one desire. It's something we all have in common no matter what age. We all want to be understood. When parents, employers, and schools understand this and HOW to create and implement this, we go from tired belonging methods, to seeing the spaces we occupy truly connect. I will give your audience real-life connection strategies that allow them to attune in to themselves first, and then to others in a deeper way.

Our Ideas of Supporting Mental Health are All Wrong - and what we can do instead

When it comes to mental health support and recovery, we work from a individual recovery and deficit model. The truth is that deep breathing, counselling, and medication aren't changing the game in mental health. I'm not against these things, but we are missing a key element: the fact that the mental health of our brains are created socially, in community. In this keynote I give the scientific evidence behind this, and how workplaces, schools, and homes can implement a social recovery model.



Leadership That Inspires

Leaders change lives. We need strong leaders who know how to create environments that bring people to life! Leaders meaning, employers, business owners, teachers, and parents. In this keynote talk, I share with leaders how they can create incredible culture around them that allows people to come alive to their potential and see the strength inside themselves. How they can create rooms full of meaning that deeply impact the lives of those they lead. How they can create real life solutions for problems they see in the world and invite others along with them.

Resilience Strategies That WORK

There's a lot of talk about resilience strategies out there, and yet we are STILL stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I will deliver perfectly tailored keynotes that leave your audience will real-life strategies that go beyond what's typically out there right now.



I'm Connie.

I am the CEO of the Jakab Co, author, speaker, and culture creator. I work with other culture creators to see their dreams come to fruition, as well as help schools, workplaces, and homes design connected cultures that bring people to life.