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Thought provoking, compassionate, and engaging.
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Connie brings heart to your audience.

Connie Jakab’s innovative thinking, approach to life, and authentic powerful storytelling have been creating connection and changing lives all across North America.

Those in the classroom, in the office, and in the home, need a little of Connie’s perspective, “Bring them Closer”.

Relationships are something that every human being has, but are we creating lasting connections and environments of wellness? Connie’s personal journey uncovers what it took to create a life that works. Connie’s audiences leave empowered, energized and inspired.

Signature Talks

1. Conflict Resolution

How do you handle conflict in your organization or business that doesn’t disrupt the values and integrity of the company? In this talk, Connie Jakab gives 3 keys to keeping a culture of connection, integrity and wellness during conflict.

2. How to create a culture of productivity and wellness in your workplace

Everyone wants to reach their full potential for themselves and their company. Everyone wants mental wellness for their workplace, the issue most companies are facing is “how”. In this talk, Connie shares secrets to creating an environment of productivity and wellness that most companies don’t know how to create.

3. Getting back to the heart of our work

The challenge for most social enterprises, companies that value social responsibility, and those who work in the social sector is to remember the humanity of the work. In this talk, Connie brings us back to our “why” and reminds us why keeping humans as the focal point of our work is crucial to the culture within and outside our companies.

4. Creating empathetic cultures free of toxicity

Corporate culture is created with intention. How do you create a more empathetic culture free from toxicity? In this talk, Connie gives the 4 keys to creating a culture where your people and business thrive.

5. Self Ownership

No one wins when we don’t take care of ourselves. What is “self-care” outside of bubble baths and spa days? In this talk, Connie gives 4 elements of self ownership that will take us personally to new heights and impact the companies we work for or own for the better.

6. The power of listening to one another’s stories

Our experiences shape us to see the world through our own perspective. What happens when our perspective clashes with someone else’s? Issues such as bullying, racial discrimination, sexism, and mental health stigma can be lessened if we learn to attune to one another’s story. How do we do that? In this talk, Connie gives the steps to breaking out past our own perception to be able to see through the eyes of others making connection possible.