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My son’s definition of sexy

The other day my son and I were driving in the van and the song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” came on the radio.  Ben thought the “wiggle” part was hilarious!  After he finished laughing, he said to me, “Mom, does ‘sexy’ mean thinking you’re better than everyone else?”   I was taken back.  Here was my six year old picking up the attitude of the song he was hearing.  I thought his six year old definition painted a pretty accurate picture.  He then said to me, “Well, if you ever buy me an ipod… or an ipad… or an iphone (he was totally digging for one, can you hear it?), I won’t be putting that song on it, even though its a fun song.” Wow.  He not only picked up the attitude of the song, but he made an interesting choice.  He chose what he felt was right over a kickin’ beat. Sexy.  Isn’t that what it means in our culture?  “I’m hot.”  “I deserve the attention of the room.”  “You should all want to be like me.”  Is this the kind of attitude we want to have?  What if everyone thinks like this?  What kind of society will we be?  Self absorbed, completely oblivious to the precious humanity around us.  We become numb to needs and out for our own.  Our next botox treatment becomes the...

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When I wanted to quit

Women are intricate.  We can be flowing with full-out femininity, and the next minute bring out our “Xena Warrior Princess”.   The gown goes from puffy and pink to tight leather with weapons.   And that switch can happen in a matter of seconds.  Don’t believe me?  Just make some ignorant comment about our weight…. Yet no matter how sweet and powerful we can be, we are still delicate.  We like to be handled with care.  We like to know someone is sheltering us from the storm (even though we SAY we can manage just fine….)   But life isn’t always chivalrous.   It can be downright cruel.   What’s a poor, fragile woman to do in this unfair world? Learn to fight it out.  Persevere.  Don’t stop.  Don’t quit.  Don’t give up and never give in.   Bring out the warrior in full force. We need to learn to be women who don’t quit….. who don’t go down without a fight.  There have been too many times in my life where I quit before I could fail or be made a fool of.   We could be on the brink of a huge breakthrough, but we’ll never know – unless we don’t quit! I wasn’t planning on writing this, but I feel there’s some reading this blog right now who are thinking of quitting.  Thinking that your idea...

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How do we raise our kids to not live out of entitlement?

One of the hardest things I’m finding as a parent is how to help my son not sink into the deep waves of entitlement.  Even with intention, it’s a hard battle to win.  I will often hear my son yelling at his little brother for holding one of “his” toys.  It’s full freak-out session.  To this I often reply, “Is that how you want our family to work?  If that’s the case, then that’s ‘my’ TV and you can’t use it.”   Usually puts the fire out right there.  But that only deals with the surface.  How do we take this further and cultivate a sense of stewardship into our children? We’re in luck.  I ran into this blurb off of Verge Network.  I think this is brilliant and key to raising kids who don’t become saturated with culture’s message of: “It’s YOURS.  You need more.” Paul Tripp stated: We want to have that conversation early that our home doesn’t belong to us, our possessions don’t belong to us. This is not our little private domain where we shut the door and shut the world out and we do all the selfish things we want to do. Even our most private spaces belong to God. They belong for His use. Your toys don’t belong to you, but they belong to God. They’re there for His use.  How can we...

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The new face of prositution

Driving downtown in my city late at night, you won’t be seeing prostitutes.  It’s rare.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Looks like the city has cleaned up!  Oh no, my friend.  It’s just gotten a whole lot worse… because now its hidden. “Where did they go?”, I asked my friend who works with getting women out of prostitution.  “Online”, she answered.  “Craigslist, Kijiji…”  Not to mention the vulnerable girl who finds a guy who takes her in, cares for her, then traps her and sells her.  In. My. City.  Not overseas.  Right here.  You may have heard of this described in a new word called, “trafficking”.   We often associate that word with Europe or Thailand, but looks like it also happens in suburbia. Many of the women who want to flee trafficking in my city have kids, so they stay with the man who sells them.  Looking at some of their faces you would never guess they are living the life of prostitution behind closed doors.  This makes their vulnerability that much greater. There is much attention being given to human trafficking, which is great!  However, I don’t think we’re aware enough of how “local” it really is and what we as local citizens can do about it. Is that what you’re thinking?  “What am I supposed to do about this?”  Glad you asked.  Here’s something you and I...

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Book is officially RELEASED!

And we had a party!  To celebrate the launching of my book, Culture Rebel, we had friends and family gather for an evening of food and book signing.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the pictures from the event as well as where you can get your copy of Culture Rebel! You can always order off my website with paypal to get a signed copy sent strait to you!  Click here. Other venues and Chapters book signings are: September 22 (this weekend)   Rescue Edmonton Conference at West Edmonton Christian Assembly.  Click here for info. September 28-29   Upswing Edmonton at Millrise Assembly.  Click here for info. October 4   Calgary Downtown Indigo book signing from 11am-2pm. October 6: Indigo Book Signing at Cross Iron Mills, Balzac 12-5pm October 26-27  Wonder Women Conference  Langley, BC.   Click here for info. October 28  Calgary Chinook Centre Chapters book signing from 12-5pm. November 2  Wonder Women Conference Kamloops, BC.  Click here for info. November 25-27  Lighthouse Community Church, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Undercurrent Youth Centre, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Tuesday Night Crew, Sydney, Nova Scotia November 30  Corps Bara Gala To view the video trailer click here. And here’s our event:   Love this girl 🙂   The one and only Chris Matteo who made the book trailer   A fabulous writer (he’s actually multi-talented..)   My model-walk coach.  I’ll never be as...

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