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what you do during the toughest times of your life….

You stand there.  Don’t let anything move you.  When wind of doubt threatens to throw you off your place, you plant your feet firmer. When obstacles hurl themselves towards you, duck but don’t back down.  Stand there.   When you are about to be pushed over by the weight of hardship, lean in and push against it.   Its harder to stand than to move.   Try standing in one spot and not move for fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, an hour…. it’s hard.  Likewise, it’s hard to stand and  face your doubt square in the face.  To be honest with your inner emotion, to have the courage to hand it over into the hands of a loving God…. to believe.  To still believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that what He says He is, He IS.   It goes against the very fabric of our culture to stand and still believe when the message everywhere is to run to things that will help make it all better; shopping, another coffee, a promotion, a night on the town, the image a group of friends can bring, a new shade of lipstick…. but all it does is keep us in its grip, only to repeat the cycle again, and leaving us empty.   Can you still believe He is love, He is good, kind despite what’s been happened to you? ...

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The number one thing you need to know about poverty in North America…. and how it can be solved.

I had a meeting with Jeff Dyer, the Chief Operating Officer at the Mustard Seed, a ministry to the homeless in Calgary.  The Mustard Seed provides basic services, housing, and employment to the homeless,  quickly transitioning them from shelter to a place they can call home.   I was there because I’m ignorant about homelessness.   I’m tired of my comfortable bubble and wanted to at least seek to understand something, anything, about homelessness.  What he downloaded left me moved beyond words.    Here are Jeff’s words in the best way I can represent them.   Are we willing to hear?   If homelessness was a movie, loneliness would be the villain, and the hero would be community.  The power of community can solve homelessness and poverty.  Read that again.  And again.  And one more time until it sinks in; that means you and I have what it takes to end poverty.  All it takes is generosity, understanding, and an awareness that they are more like us than we think!   The problem isn’t homelessness; the problem is isolation and loneliness.  When Jeff said this to me, I was puzzled.  I was expecting an answer such as “addictions”, “lack of self-respect”, “laziness”, not loneliness.   If the problem of homelessness is rooted in isolation, then I have more in common as a mom of young kids who’s home a...

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Find out what the first Culture-rebel challenge is… and if you can handle it

I will be telling the stories of people who are living like culture rebels from time to time on the blog.  Stories inspire and so I couldn’t think of a better start to our “meet culture rebels” section than to introduce you to a whole group of culture-rebels I’m proud to know; the Redbud Writers Guild.   They are a “new breed” of women. Women who are no longer bound by jealousy and competition. Women who are able to cheer for and promote one another without agenda. Women who know that their voice matters, and the ladies around them have voices that matter as well. Women who are coming out of isolation and fear and creating culture…. culture that is welcoming, inclusive, giving and empowering. This “new breed” is quite the rebel to what’s been the norm among women, yet alone authors! That’s why I love the buds: their a tad bit rebellious to the old woman of being guarded and aloof. They’ve created a whole new game that will give momentum.  A radical new expression making way for God’s girls.  (this isn’t all of them, there’s many more!)   It goes beyond survival and expands to enrich the lives of others. “If there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the...

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Where does the rebellion start? (and announcing the winner of the book!)

Thank you for all your comments on the blog yesterday and for stopping by, even if you didn’t read the blog.  I wanted to announce the winner of our draw by highlighting her comment.  (I didn’t base the winner on the content of the comment, but drew names from one of my cereal bowls….classy, eh?)   The winner of the book made this comment: “A Culture Rebel doesn’t just rebel against culture, they offer an alternative.” I love that! So many times Christians want to rebel against the status quo but don’t really think about what a biblical alternative would or could be.”   That’s a very interesting observation.  Are we just rebelling for rebellion’s sake?  Because being a bit of a rebel is the newest fad?   Just to say we did?  What’s the point of rebelling against the status quo?  What are we really wishing to achieve?  Its an enormous amount of effort, is it worth it?   To be all talk and no action (the alternative) will get old fast, and the hype will die quick.   Being the rebel is actually the easy part.   It’s what to do in response that’s the part that takes something deep inside the heart to spring up.   You see, we can have the best intentions, but as I discovered not too long ago, whatever is in my...

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What on earth is a Culture Rebel??

Well, here we are! The first day of an exciting new journey!  Thanks for being a part of this special launch day of the Culture Rebel blog!  I hope you’ll stick around for the whole journey!   There’s a lot of ground to cover and some amazing people to meet.   “Culture Rebel”….Interesting term isn’t it?  I’d love to hear what your first impression of the term was as a comment! (remember, everyone who comments on the blog today will be entered to win the amazing book; Grumble Hallelujah by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneria) here’s the link to her book on amazon:   For me, I first discovered this term when reading the book; “The Missional Mom” by Helen Lee.  In this book is a chapter called; “The Missional Mom is a Culture-Rebel”.  Her book really impacted my life so I found myself reflecting on the depth of her words for months after reading.  I completely forgot about this term “Culture-Rebel” until after somewhere in my sub-conscious I pulled the term out, fell in love with it and determined to have it be the name of my book series.  When I remember where the inspiration had come from I was thankful she gave me a big “go for it”!   Everywhere we turn, messages are being preached to us through TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, school classrooms, offices, radio,...

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