10. The Bachleor


9. The Bachleorette


8. The Simpsons


7. Family Man


6. The Kardashians


5. The Hills


4. Jersey Shore


3.  Gossip Girl


2. Housewives of Orange County


1. Desperate Housewives

Don’t hate me.  Seriously, though, I believe sitting and watching these shows may just steal potentially useful braincells right from you.  Why?  Because they take beauty and twist it.  They take what is pure and taint it.  Since when is it not just acceptable, but encouraged to be a “bitch” or a “slut”? (forgive my use of terms made common by shows such as these)  When did it become ok to make dads look like idiots?  Why do we laugh at children outsmarting and back-talking their parents?   Why would we find women cheating on their husbands entertaining?  And is making out with 10 different people really the way to find a spouse?


Whether we know it or not, these shows have created culture.  They have had enough power to influence people’s actions and behaviors.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch the news.  Look around at the mall.  Look at headlines and billboards.   Hang out with a group of moms fixated on their appearance.   Listen to conversations that go on at work and school.   I’m sorry, but you’d have to be blind not to see our society picking up on the behavior these shows present.


I may sound a bit judgmental, which isn’t my purpose.  My purpose in bringing these up is to challenge us to think about what we let into our lives.  What you behold, you become.  What do you want to become?  Even further, what do you want to bring to the earth?


Being a culture rebel isn’t just being aware of some of these less-than-ideal messages bombarding our eyes and ears – it’s about CREATING culture.   Perhaps a culture that could bring back honor to people; to women, to marriages, to Father’s, to the innocence of courtship….


It all comes down to the words I hear in one of my favorite Switchfoot songs: “This is your life, are you who you want to be?”  If not, what’s influencing you?  And what may need to change?


You are an influencer of culture whether you want to be or not; by following what’s been created, or by offering something different.