Getting a perfect Instagram headshot is harder than it looks #epicfailshots

Ok, have you ever tried to get a really good headshot on Instagram?  Harder than it looks.  Doesn’t matter that you have a good one from a few weeks ago.  A few weeks = way overdue for a new one, right?…

I attempted to get a good one today.  I started with your typical “in the mirror shot”.  Had to move the camera about 6 times to get the right angle.  A little too far to the left or too the right revealed lumps and bumps I didn’t want to you to know I have.   Finally found a great angle.  A little “suck it in” and 1-2-3 click.  Hmmm…. nope.  Repeat process two more times and here it is.


But that’s not a head shot.  Decided to take one head on, directly in front of my face.  Result? Mortified!  No one told me I have a DOUBLE CHIN?!!  When did that happen?? #neverusethatangleagain



Delete, delete, delete!  That just won’t do.  Hmmmm….. I know!  If I could take a picture with the camera looking down on me, no one would see my double chin.  Great strategy… until I realized that I clearly need longer fingers to hold my phone with one hand and click the camera.  Dropped the phone about three times.  My fingers got a good stretch as I tried to make my face look like this photo was taken effortlessly.  #donotbefooled.  This picture was hard work.


I’m tellin’ ya, this is skill, people.  Still not satisfied, I wonder what the typical “pucker” would look like.



I review the photo before pressing “publish” and am shocked and disgusted by THIS:



When did I get wrinkles around my pucker?!  This is horrific!  Note to self: never pucker for a photo again.  That just ain’t sexy…

I’ve now wasted twenty minutes and still no decent headshot.  I’m exhausted.  I haven’t even mentioned the variety of other angles I tried.  Lighting, expression – I’m finding out there’s much thought that goes into these pics.  While concentrating on the perfect pic, my two year old has managed to find the dog food and is now creating art all over the kitchen with it.  Ugh.

Is it really worth all the effort?  Am I more than an instagram photo?  Does my value come from the effortless beauty I expect it to expose?

If you’re new to my blog, you may need to know that I’m poking fun at something many put much effort and value into.  I’m here to say that getting the perfect instagram photo isn’t easy.  I’d be lying to say I’ve never tried to get a great shot, only to press delete a couple dozen times.  I wrote this blog because one day I woke up to the pressure I was putting on myself.  Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

Wrinkled puckers, double chins, and grey hairs revealed by my camera shouldn’t steal my worth.  And it shouldn’t rob you of yours either.

Here’s to your beautiful self.





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  1. AnnaNo Gravatar Reply

    It probably doesn’t help that the photo is taken with a cell phone camera. No mater how hi-tech they are you will not get as good a view as in person not a picture. I don’t really know how instagram works in fact haven’t used it. I do know that camera’s can’t see as well as the human eye. The lenses can affect the picture, the settings and so much more. I will admit I don’t like getting my photo taken cuz when I see the photo I feel huge. What’s my point… I guess that I agree our worth doesn’t come from what we look like or what our picture says we look like It is our heart our soul that matters. What God thinks of us. I’m not again’s photography. I actually am hoping to make it a career. But I view it as art, a way to remember the moment. I also have friends that are in many different country’s and I could not see them in person it is nice to get a glimpse into pieces of there life.

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