peace-candleThank you for joining me on my journey through advent.  I probably didn’t go in order.  I’ve always been a little unorthodox…

I had a friend call me recently asking me to pray for him.  His psychic told him he was spiritually off centre.  This left him disturbed, as he felt he was doing ok; mediating every morning, chakra’s functioning, in fact, he felt like he was in a great space.  This brought much confusion.  I prayed for him and told him what so many in our world seem to need to hear:

It is finished.  And you can’t finish it any more than it’s already finished.

What’s finished?  Let me get to that in a moment, but first another story.  Over coffee another friend shares with me that no matter how much she does for God, she never feels good enough; never secure in her faith. She is scared to death of God’s judgment and being sent strait to hell for never getting this “Jesus thing” right.  I told her the exact same thing I told my energy-loving friend:

It is finished.  And you can’t finish it any more than it’s already finished.

Both my friends responded the same: there must be something I have to do in order to make myself right.  As I would call it, some hoop to jump through.  The ultimate test of faith is to believe that when the baby in the manger died and resurrected, all was finished.  Peace was brought between God and man.  Peace for the troubled soul in torment with itself.

“I was raised by the gospel of fear”, I once heard a young man say.  From my experience being a gypsy in this world floating between a sub-culture of church and the  liberal artsy types, I see fear speaking everywhere.  Fear whispers to us of our inadequacy.  It lies to us, telling us there must be more we can do to gain that place of “enough”; more meditation, more focus on the chakra’s, more prayer, get to church more, manifest more, do more, be more…

More hoops, more and more hoops.  Dance monkey dance.

Two different belief systems, yet still struggling with the same roots of fear and shame.  Yet it is finished.  It’s already been won.  The prison doors are open and we’re still inside.

Peace has come as a person and finished it all.  There is now peace between God and man but only the awake see it.  “There is now no punishment for those who are In Christ”, I read.  Many of us view punishment through the lense of the fires of hell we heard about through the man yelling on the soap box, but I beg that God goes far beyond just that and says; you are free from the torment you put on yourself to reach me.

He speaks, “I’ve already reached you”.

No punishment.  No fear, no shame.  I am yours and you are mine.  Nothing can reverse it, it is finished, for those who are In Christ.  “What does In Christ mean?”  God gives us the gift of this life to figure that out.  “He who started a work in you will be faithful to complete it”.  He gives me a crown too big and gives me grace to grow up into it.  Do we trust Jesus to be more than just a guilt remover?

His message has been reduced to sin management when it was meant to be a loud announcement of freedom.  This peace with God has no borders.  It stretches to the transgender, the buddhist, the hindu, the atheist, the energy-loving, the Christian.  It reaches past who we think deserves it or who can grasp it and shocks us every time.

We’ve had it mixed up the whole time; we didn’t believe in God, God believed in us.  And through Christ we are made enough.   All things are made new and all we have to do is receive.  He takes fear and shame and trades them in for his abundance.

Simple faith without striving.  It is already finished for you.