How big is your “but”?

We all have things that we dream about when alone.   Things we’d do, IF.  Can I interrupt that “if” and let you know that “if” is still going to be there the next time you revisit something you’re dying to do.  I read this quote on a status on Facebook the other day:  “A year from now, you’ll wish you would have”.

I loved book “The Cause Within You” by Matthew Barnett.   The first thing I saw on the side flap in the book before I even started reading it was this statement: “Nearly half of all adults say they are still seeking the meaning and ultimate purpose of their lives.  Are you one of them?”   After reading that, my heart screamed out; “YES!  I’m one of them!!”

Did you scream out “YES!” to that too?  What would you do if nothing limited you?  What’s your “but” look like in regards to stepping out towards it?

I’ll tell you what my but looks like.  It’s big.  A great, big BUT:

BUT I’m sick of hearing about stepping out and dreaming – especially in a time in my life when I feel my time and energy is limited.

BUT what if I fail, waste my time, others time and even my own personal money?

BUT what if I need to give up work and income to do it?

BUT what if no one supports me?

Every day we’re faced with opportunities.  Don’t fall into the thinking that these opportunities have to be BIG in order to be worth attention.  I’m finding more that the opportunities that pass by us each day look simple.  But if we take a minute to engage in them, it has big impact!

I made a radical statement recently in regards to my but.  ENOUGH of my but – I’m choosing to trust and step out regardless.  As quickly as my statement left my lips I almost wished I could take it back.   There comes a time when we need to ignore the size of our but and make steps anyways.

It’s time to get radical and lose the but.  Make the most of every opportunity.

Three out of four adults say they want to make a difference in the world, but they look at it as something they hope to do in the future.  Well friends, the future is NOW.  It’s time to actually MAKE the difference.  Why not take some time to think about what that looks like for you?


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