First: Clean the house – you should see this place.  Actually, I’m really happy you can’t…

Second: Turn off the TV and read.  I’ve got many great books I want to read over the holidays!

Third: if it could ever get warm enough (and by warm I mean above 0, I’m such a winter wimp) maybe there’s a hope the dogs will get walked.

And of course we love the holidays for seeing friends and family.  What a wonderful time of year to spend some quality time.

Today is an exciting day as we head down to one of our homeless shelters to help my friend give out over 1200 Tim Horton’s coffee cards to the guests there!  He’s doing this in honour of his mom who died in a fatal car accident just a week ago.  Today would have been her 45th birthday.

I asked Ben what he would like to give Jesus for Christmas this year.  He still wants to go downtown on Christmas eve to give out packages to the homeless, but I also mentioned the idea of bringing Christmas to the man we’ve been stalking in our community!   We went out and bought him a nice sweater, socks, mits, some chocolates, a gift card to the grocery store and some bus tickets.   I found out from the president of our community association where he lives and so we’re going to put a nice invitation in his mailbox to come over to our house for Christmas dinner.  If he doesn’t come, we’ll deliver the presents to his house the next morning.

This man is very shy.  I’ve been pulling my van over to the side of the road to talk to him every time I see him.  When coming to our home for dinner is mentioned he always states how he doesn’t want to impose.  He concludes by letting us know that he knows where we live and maybe he’ll stop by sometime.  It’s hard to know how to reach out to him, but I feel that if we can be friendly when we see him and extend invitations that don’t scare him to death, one day I know he’ll feel comfortable with our hand of friendship.

We’ll be wrapping his presents this weekend.  I can’t wait!

Is there someone you see in your community or in your daily journey’s that seem invisible to the rest of the world?  Lonely? In need of friendship?  Perhaps as a family discuss what you can do together to bring hope and happiness into their lives this season.

I’ll be on and off with blogging over the holidays.  Time with the kiddos is precious time and I want to spend any spare time reading.   I want to take a moment to say “thanks” for journeying with me on the Culture Rebel blog.  Sending you a very Merry Christmas greeting from my family to yours!