What on earth is a Culture Rebel??

Well, here we are! The first day of an exciting new journey!  Thanks for being a part of this special launch day of the Culture Rebel blog!  I hope you’ll stick around for the whole journey!   There’s a lot of ground to cover and some amazing people to meet.


“Culture Rebel”….Interesting term isn’t it?  I’d love to hear what your first impression of the term was as a comment! (remember, everyone who comments on the blog today will be entered to win the amazing book; Grumble Hallelujah by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneria) here’s the link to her book on amazon:


For me, I first discovered this term when reading the book; “The Missional Mom” by Helen Lee.  In this book is a chapter called; “The Missional Mom is a Culture-Rebel”.  Her book really impacted my life so I found myself reflecting on the depth of her words for months after reading.  I completely forgot about this term “Culture-Rebel” until after somewhere in my sub-conscious I pulled the term out, fell in love with it and determined to have it be the name of my book series.  When I remember where the inspiration had come from I was thankful she gave me a big “go for it”!


Everywhere we turn, messages are being preached to us through TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, school classrooms, offices, radio, print advertising, etc.  We can’t escape the messages constantly entering through our senses of hearing and seeing.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “why?”  Why do we think that way?  Why do we believe that?  Is it really true?   Is this really the way things “just are”?  Or are our value systems a result of these constant messages penetrating our brain-waves?   Is it all really “good” for us?  Is it all “bad”?


A Culture Rebel isn’t afraid of the question, “why?”


A Culture Rebel isn’t a puppet.  They don’t just fall for the norm.


A Culture Rebel doesn’t do status quo


A Culture Rebel gets out of the North American “bubble” and has a world-view that has brought some reality back home.


A Culture Rebel isn’t afraid to step out and be different.


A Culture Rebel doesn’t just rebel against culture, they offer an alternative.


A Culture Rebel brings transformation to society.


A Culture Rebel is a rebel WITH a cause


A Culture Rebel is living on the right edge (I’ll explain that later)


A Culture Rebel is a Culture MAKER.



Without overwhelming you with the pages I have in my mind, lets leave it at that today.  Do you stop to really think about what you’re hearing? Seeing? …. And doing as a result?   It’s time to start questioning; “why”.  There is the beginning of a Culture Rebel.


How about you?  What do you believe is the making of a Culture Rebel?


It’s finally here! Here it is revealed!

The word is out; I’m writing a book, a series of books actually, called “Culture Rebel”.   I’m thrilled and scared beyond belief at the same time.   The  idea behind Culture Rebel is deeply embedded within me through situations I’ve experienced over the past ten years.

I found myself in a dark place after experiencing a series of losses; loss of ministry position, loss of my father to cancer and then my grandmother three months later.  Loss of a business I had birthed from the ground up.  Loss of friendships I thought were loyal.   Moving from a city I loved to a city I could only tolerate.  Loss of all that was comfortable and known to me.   Some of these I lost because life just brings loss; case closed.   But much of what I lost was because I was stubborn and determined to succeed, to live on the edge, to dream and to live for my own ambition.  I became known for being a rebel; but I was a rebel without His cause in my heart.  I was building my kingdom.

Through the brokenness of my kingdom crashing down on me, I had no where else to look other than up at the One who I felt had abandoned me.  To the One I thought was so disappointed in me that He left me out to dry; to get what I deserved.   I had to face Him strait in the eye and ask for Him to take whatever was left of my pathetic life and somehow forgive it.    He did more than that; He restored it.   It took a long while for me to feel I was back on my feet, but after praying every day for one year for God to return my passion for Him back to my  heart, He did; and it came back with a force willing to embrace His kingdom and forever surrender mine.

You see, deep with in me (and I believe all mankind), is a desire for significance.   I wanted an edge to live on.  The edge of ambition, approval addiction, and success only left me in the dust.   The edge of becoming my own woman; building my business and dancing my nights away in the club only emptied my soul.   I was on the wrong edge.  I was a rebel without a cause.

If I’m going to be a rebel then I’m going to be a Culture Rebel: being rebellious to the negative messages culture preaches from all its mediums.  To stand-off to the status quo; busting out of mediocrity, and doing a full-on sprint to the edge of a new ideal: His ideal.  His dream for His kingdom to come on earth.

Are you ready to join me?  On this blog, I will be telling more of my story and the stories of other Culture Rebels out there.  If you’re one of them, send your story to me!

Subscribe, tell your friends…. its gonna be one heck of a ride.


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