theMMovement With A Message is the dance company Connie co-founded in 2007.  We are an artistic movement company that thinks differently.  We are transforming the idea of community through inspiring courage and compassion through movement with a message.

The Courage Program was created for schools wanting deeper learning for students to gain courage and to create a culture of courage in the classroom

Connie produces  shows on justice issues annually.  This year’s show is “Attached”, which is about the attachments or addictions we all fall into. Show dates are June 5-10 2017.

Past shows include:

Letters, Big Secret Theatre 2015.  A show about family breakdown and connection.

The Cypher, Martha Cohen Theatre 2014.  A show on how belonging creates resilience in youth.

Invisible, Theatre Grand Junction 2013.  A show about women’s poverty vulnerabilities.  Show trailer here.

Something To Say, Vertigo Theatre 2012  A show about first world poverty. Show trailer here.

The Bully Project, School Tours 2011.  A show about creating an empathetic world

Urban Parable, 2010.  A show about a young woman’s journey to freedom from addiction and promiscuity