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The Power of YOUR Story

Everyone has a deep, embedded need to be understood. It’s one thing we all have in common no matter what age or demographic we come from. When we are understood, we feel like we belong – and belonging is powerful....

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How do we create connection?

I have spoken to audiences from adults to youth about connection. I have given out surveys, researched, and initiated conversation with numerous people around the topic of connection and here’s something I’ve learned. Everyone...

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Where Was God When….?

There is no shortage of pain on the earth. How many feel abandoned, rejected by friends or family? How many are abused and mistreated? Domestic violence, trafficking, injustice, poverty, terrorism, racism and war are rampant in...

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Which “Jesus” are you passing on?

What picture comes to mind when you think of Jesus? What about those who surround you in your every day life? Home? Work? School? “What picture comes to mind when you think of Jesus?” is a great question to ask people who want...

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