Last week some friends of mine and I had the opportunity to be guest speakers at a Junior High Assembly.  One of my friends, Charity, talked about courage for her section.  I admire people who step out despite their fear.  Charity expressed brilliantly her insecurity to dance (and even speak in public) and how she has  decided to commit herself to courage.  The result?  She now travels with Legacy One, a hip hop crew that performs all over North America.  She challenged the students to do something every day that scares them.

What a brilliant idea.

Earlier in the week I was teaching dance at an elementary school where I was challenging the students to enter the cypher (the circle where you dance in the middle).  I told them every time they enter the cypher despite their fear, they make a deposit of courage into their hearts that ripples courage into the hearts of others standing in the circle.

The more we step out past fear, the larger courage grows.

Courage is a virtue longing to empower the hearts of everyone you see, but few choose to make the deposit because of what it may cost them.  Courage comes with a price tag.  It costs us our pride, control, security and pushes us to the ledge of the unknown where all we can feel is the barrenness of our souls; exposed and vulnerable.  The beautiful trade, however, is that courage takes root and builds in our very core.  Those who are willing to pay the price gain much in return.  These are the ones who seize what others say is impossible.

Resilence is a manifestation that courage has been deposited.   I believe this is the mark of a new generation.  One that is willing to look fear in the face and walk into the cypher of life anyways.

The picture above is a 700 person cypher started by one brave grade 9 boy who decided to just bust out.  No cypher was planned.  He simply just did his thing and others followed.  It was one of the most remarkable things I have seen happen in a long time.  I mean, do you remember jr high?!  No one wants to break out of nothing for fear of looking stupid.  Not this kid.  And his courageous act rippled into 700 bodies who decided to bust out as well. What a beautiful picture of what freedom looks like.  Freedom that comes from exercising courage.

You and I have that opportunity every single day – to deposit courage inside ourselves.  The question is: Will we pay the price?  Will we step out?  My answer to that today is “YES”!  Some days it’s a fearful, pee-my-pants-but-do-it-anyways kind of “yes”, other days it’s a “yes” with a mumbled “no way” in the background.  No matter what we feel, let’s do it anyways.

Courage is there to take us the rest of the way once any form of “yes” has been uttered.