I was amazed at the Christmas crowd already swarming the mall on Remembrance Day.  Seems as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas takes over in full force.

This Christmas, we’re hosting a conspiracy, a rebellion.  I’ll be giving more details as we go along, but for now, here’s what it entails:

This Christmas season (which apparently is already among us), would you commit to:

1. Spend less.  Would you shave $100 off your Christmas budget?  How about more?

2. Give more.  Would you give that $100 away?  How about more?  Just to prove money doesn’t have a grip on you.

3. Love all.  Would you find people who don’t look like you to reach out to this Christmas?


If you haven’t seen this video yet, take 2 minutes to check it out.   Click here to view


Are you up for this?  I’ll be posted tangible ideas of how to make Christmas not so crazy and filled with meaninglessness.  Let’s make this Christmas rebellious.  Let’s find Christmas once again.  Join our rebellion here