This poem written by a woman rescued from a life of trafficking gives me shivers.  Another life restored through compassion.  She speaks of the beauty of “us”.  Who is “us”?  Those who choose to see past the outward hardness and embrace.  Those who will love the broken and invite them to the table.  This is what happens when we work past our fears or even our blindness to see them, and inconvenience ourself to look this injustice square in the face.  Community is powerful.  Being inclusive to those different and broken brings healing.  It’s so simple, but we are still yet to catch on to the full potential of this.  She is in the loving community of Servants Anonymous. She writes:

The Beauty of US.

I used to walk with my eyes on the ground. Now I walk with my head up, stopping to lift the chin of another girl.


I used to not have a voice, I felt so small – I was disappearing. Now I see that all along I had the heart of a lion.


I used to keep a vow of silence – hidden tears, buried fears. Now I am learning to raise my voice. Now I know my words are precious.


I used to feel unaccepted and unloved. I have found my voice with Servants Anonymous, and now I can be myself. My pain used to define me. Who I thought I was, was not who I am today. Now I know that what I thought I wanted was, in fact, a lie and what I lost was what my dreams are made of.


I used to be afraid to be successful. I never felt accomplished with anything I did. Now I have multiple years sober, have regained so much of what I lost to addiction, and have accepted my successes as some of my best achievements.


I used to feel so much shame and guilt. Now I know I did those things to survive. Now I know being a survivor and overcoming that life has helped me become the person I am today.


I used to be ashamed of my past. Now I realize my survival is beautiful.


I used to pray for death. Now I can’t wait to live.


I used to live in fear. Now I live in faith.


I used to be a soul scared, a body abused. Pain no more. Thanks to many, I have become whole, my soul renewed. Now I am free.


I used to take my life and children for granted, until it was taken away by addiction. Now each day for me is a blessing.


I used to dread the sound of a phone ringing, because it was the sound of my soul being sold. Now I rejoice when I hear my children singing, because it is the sound of a family, whole.


I used to be hungry. Now I cook for a living and feed others.


I used to have no reason to get up. Now I have a beautiful baby girl.


I used to feel all alone in the world, with nobody I could count on to help me with my problems. Now I have a whole community of wonderful people that I can call on, count on, and trust to be honest and supportive with me, whenever that may be.


I used to feel all alone in the world. Now I share my experiences, strength and hope with those who still suffer.


I used to misunderstand people who were homeless and on the streets, until I lived there myself. Now I look into the eyes of people there and offer a hand or a hug.


This is the beauty of US.


We are proud to have Servants Anonymous a part of our show Invisible, showing at Theatre Grand Junction, June 14-15, 2013.