I like clothes.  I adore pretty things.  It’s fun finding unique items that are to die-for, and I LOVE a good sale.  My hubby does not share all this “love” with me…  True in the past I have spent an arm and a leg for a closet of clothes rarely used.  I seem to migrate towards the same few outfits.  But I have found a whole new way of shopping that is a ton of fun and FREE!   Because I like you, I thought I’d share this information 🙂


Before I share all this awesomeness with you, I must start by telling you how I’ve re-focused my entire outlook on shopping.

First: I don’t just buy for the sake of buying anymore.  Its only taken me almost 40 years to figure out that just because something is “on sale” doesn’t mean I should actually buy it.  I’ve recently purged my closet of ALL items I don’t wear.  I was ruthless.  No more thinking, “I may wear this sometime.”   All that’s left in my closet are clothes I truly wear.


Second: I’m on a journey of realizing that a new outfit doesn’t bring happiness.  We know that, don’t we?  So why did I fall for it time again and again?  It’s not wrong to have beautiful things, it’s a part of being a woman to adorn ourselves with beautiful treasures.  It’s not wrong to take care of yourself, I’m just changing my focus from being fashion-driven to beauty-driven.


Third: A new perspective on what it means to be “beauty-driven”.  A woman who is truly beautiful radiates something far greater than all the effort she’s put into the outside.  She is a model of integrity, compassion and warmth to all who come in contact with her.  She’s not marked by excess, but by street smarts to know how to look great on the outside without it killing her family’s bank account.  She sees her money as something to be invested on things that last rather than on tomorrow’s value village donation.


Lastly:  I want to represent.  I want the way I dress and my approach to consumerism to represent my values.  I want to dress how I wish people to view me; not as an object to be admired, but a woman of worth who has something of value to bring to the world.  It’s time we realize our our closets tell a story of the life we live (and our visa bills may do that as well…)


So here’s how I’m challenging myself on the above three mind-shifts.  I’m committing to not buying any new clothing items for a year.   Why?  So I can use my money the way I’ve always wanted to: to bless others.  I don’t have money to give because I spend it all… on myself.  Before you think there’s no way I’ll survive this year (and believe me, I’ve had my doubts too), let me tell you how I plan on surviving.  I wonder if I’ll ever go back to buying anything new again!


1. Clothes swaps: Seriously the best idea on the planet!  You and your buddies bring the clothes you don’t wear to one location and you swap!  I’m hosting a clothing swap tomorrow (Wednesday, June 13) if you live in Calgary.  Come on out!  The link to the event is: http://www.facebook.com/events/308172999263487/

For example, the last swap I went to I got an Abercrombie and Fitch winter coat.  For free. 


2. Consignment: After discovering the treasure of consignment I honestly wonder why I, or anyone else bothers to buy anything new?   I drop off my items, I get a credit, I buy new stuff with my credit.  Pure genius.  I’ve got leather boots I bought for $2, designer shoes for $5, a Roxy dress free, and this:

 Yes that’s a $110 lululemon hoodie you’re seeing.  $40.  Oh ya.


We  have to be careful not to replace old shopping habits with new shopping habits that end up possessing our souls just the same.  As crazy as I am about clothes swaps and consignment, I want to be more crazy about investing my money properly and becoming a radically generous person.  These methods are only a means for me to get there, not another shopping frenzy opportunity.


Want to join me in my adventure of finding ways to free up money to be radically generous?