I would like to introduce you to my friend, Lisa Vanderkwaak who is the CEO of an amazing resource for women called “Real U”.  On the blog today, I interview Lisa all about what she’s doing through her company.  I love women who are stepping out, using their gifts and talents to bring out the best in others.  I think it’s powerful!

What is Real U?

REAL U™ is company designed to empower women to live and lead with passion, purpose and transformational impact. It provides coaching, tele seminars, networking with other like-minded women, products, and creative space to stretch beyond their comfort zone

What do you wish for women?

My passion is to provide inspiration and practical tools to equip women how to engage their own heart, discover the fullness of how they are made, and embrace the process of becoming fully alive, fully aligned and and fully activated to express their uniqueness to the world around them. Offering this uniqueness is a woman’s greatest gift and the means to bring transformational impact throughout their sphere of influence.
How did you start?

I started out as a campus minister in Vancouver, co-founding a ministry called Ambassadors for Jesus on 3 university campuses. My passion for REAL U developed throughout my own personal journey and spending 20 years Coaching young women to embrace their God-given design and become agents of transformation around them. REAL U™ is an acronym for the 5 part process essential to living true to how you are designed to be.


Where do you see it going?

To become a resource for women to not only dream about their potential but where they can learn practical ways to begin to step forward and experience the full capacity of their greatness. This includes helping women get unstuck and become unstoppable as agents of transformation body, soul and spirit.


That sounds awesome!  To find out about how REAL U can make you an unstoppable change agent, click here for more info!