Funny that when you step out to do something  you’re passionate about, you  are instantly questioned.  I mean, I knew it was coming.  It took me half a  year to tell the general public that I’m writing a book for fear of being misunderstood.  What does everyone want to know?  “Are you trying to build a platform for yourself?”  “Do you think you’re a rockstar?”

Very simply… no.

All I could think was, “this is only the first week of the launch of the new blog?  Is this going to be my life for the next number of years?  What happens when the actual book comes out?  No wonder women struggle stepping out.   This has fired me up inside about another rebellion….

a rebellion to the idea of the platform.

What a stupid concept (no offense).  I really think the idea of a platform is an old concept that needs throwing out.   Why?  Because it gives the impression that one person gets to invest in their God-given skills while the rest are only worthy of watching.   The result is a bunch of star-struck, awe-filled people in their own prisons, longing to do something of significance but blind to the radical concept that they, too, are more than capable.   A platform has room for one person, maybe a couple, but certainly not the whole crowd.  It can easily create the “us four no more” mentality.

Now don’t hear what I’m not saying, I’m not saying that having a platform is wrong.  We all have an audience that needs our life-message.  No audience, no impact.   What I do have a problem with is our concept of the platform; that what we’re doing doesn’t matter unless it goes national, better yet, international.  Unless our book gets on the “best seller” list.  Unless our blog has a certain number of readers.  Unless we have this many facebook friends or twitter followers…. unless (fill in the blank)

Stuff and nonsense.

What I suggest in contrast is a flatform.  A place where, yes, you can be heard and use the unique voice God has given you, but also where others are empowered to do the same.   As a leader, sometimes I lead, but I also follow.   I know when my voice is needed, and when another’s is the one contributing.   A flatform is made up of those who know that their message is needed, AND they are also willing to cheer for others as well.  They’re not consumed with their own empire alone, but also with what others are doing that enhance God’s dream for His earth.

A flatform leaves no room for nay-sayers, jealousy, strife, envy and questioning.  I can’t tell you how many snide remarks I’ve had about my adventure to write a book.   What I FEEL like saying is: “If its in your heart then WHY NOT YOU TOO?!”   Geesh.  You matter too, now can we move on?

A flatform will put your motive to the test; are you ok to never experience the glamor of “international exposure?”  Are you ok to bring the best of your voice to even the hundreds?  The dozens?  The one?….   Can you still believe no matter the number that what you have to offer is significant?

It doesn’t mean you don’t try to stand out.  For heaven’s sake somebody please stand out!  Do what you can to throw your message out to the masses to find out who needs to hear your voice.  Don’t be ashamed of letting people know through social media channels such as blogging, facebook, twitter.  It doesn’t mean you’re high on yourself, it means you’re creating space to serve.

The idea of a flatform provides all with an opportunity to serve.  Isn’t that what we all long for?  It’s you inviting people into a “deeper story” as blogger, Jeff Goins wrote just the other day.  To be productive for the greater good?  Can you and I allow others around us to do that?

The stage has been flattened.  That’s my rebellion.  I’m not out for rockstar status, I’m out to make a way for voices to be heard…. for rebels to rise.  I challenge YOU to be one of them and leave the platform in the dust.