Seen the show?  It got cancelled due to low ratings, but did you know it’s a book?


Book Synopsis:

“The GCBs of Hillside Park Presbyterian are praying for Amanda Vaughn–or so they claim. Will their evil gossip destroy her reputation, or will she show them exactly how to turn the other cheek?


Amanda Vaughn needs some heaven-sent help. She’s divorced her cheating husband and fled, along with her two teenagers, back to her hometown, Hillside Park, a Dallas suburb so upper-class that the question isn’t where to bank, but whose family owns the bank. Amanda is thrilled to be back in Texas—after twelve years in Southern California, she’s ready to leave behind her shallow, Godless life and return to the welcoming Christian world where she grow up. Or at least that’s the plan . . .


But when she arrives, she’s met with some Texas-sized trouble. Her old friends, neighbors, and fellow church members treat Amanda like a long-lost friend . . . until her back is turned. Then the claws come out. Amanda finds herself trapped in a world of salacious rumors, secret affairs, and Bible-study sessions gone terribly wrong.


This is offensive to me that women called to represent the Kingdom of One who reached the least of these would be put into the category of backstabbing gossips.  Even more disturbing is how many gals I’ve had casual conversations with who state the irony of the show’s truthfulness about women in the church.


Here’s a broken woman, who doesn’t quite fit “the mold” coming to the only place she knows to find hope, only to experience nothing different than what she may find in her workplace.  Reminds me a bit of Celia Foote in “The Help” – an outcast among the catty women in town for being a “tramp”.  I cry every time I watch her bring a pie to Minny’s house house to find Minny and her girlfriends hiding.


I can’t tell you how much these two scenarios disgust me.  Ladies, there is so much more for us than this.   This is not who we are or what we were made for.   Women have the power to heal, nurture, and restore, yet we battle with such destructiveness.


I don’t need to ask if you’ve been the recipient of such nonsense.  I know the answer.  I have to.  My heart has broken more than my hand can count from the cruelty of such women.   Each time, my heart for the outcast grows stronger.  No woman, regardless of her looks, social status, “sin” or background should be cast aside.  Not on my watch.


Women, can we do something radical?  Can we follow in the footsteps of a radical Jesus who  gave up status and sat with those society rejected?   He clearly didn’t care to impress the elite.  He looked at those with distorted skin and faces with dignity.  He went out for lunch with whores.  He hung out at the homes of greedy, dishonest men.  He called out those living average, ordinary lives to become His crew.  He didn’t look for the most educated, most beautiful, “business woman of the year” type of people.  He walked right past them and searched for those whom culture rejected.


What do you think He would do now?  I think people like Celia Foote and Amanda Vaughn would be welcomed by Him.  Don’t you think it’s time we start acting more like the One we say we follow?


Get radical about compassion.  Love mercy.  Rebel against your desire to suck up to the elite.  Move towards the broken.  Find the most messed up woman and love on her.


There’s some Christian Culture rebellion for you 🙂