This powerful, controversial spoken word was written by Levi Mayerle for the show, Something To Say.  The written version below is the edited version we used for the show.  If the “f” bomb doesn’t offend you, you can watch Levi on the screen with the link at the end.   This spoken word has many points to ponder.  I loved his blunt approach to this topic.  You’ve been warned.  It is not for the weak of heart.  I pray you hear his young adult heart crying out for the desperate change we need.


The average man; the ignorant homewrecker. The cleanliness of his cut, hair, suit family and job Yet he takes the title of a slut. A homewrecker, a mutt.

Taking our daughters, your daughters, to slaughter the virginity of the purest child.

And you! Covered in rust and bile, and I the same have never sinned mildly. I’ve wildly lived by the law of death and I’ve tiled the floor with the images of ten thousand breasts.

It’s the Sunday school boy looking down her dress. It’s the curious cat that killed the rest of us. Infecting the best of us. Feeding the chest that will swell to test the mess of the very most blessed of us.

But the rain falls on the evil and the good. The estates and the hood. The CEO and the janitor. The man that beats the woman he swears he loves and yet he claims he’s not mad at her.

We’re all mimicking the same mad hatter and its a mad tea party.  It’s dirty, wear your gloves. It’s the act that society can no longer call making love ‘cause it’s just cruel…

..that one person could simply be used as satisfactions tool, Our baggage mule.

But sex sells so they take a young girl by the hand and introduce her to her own personal hell.   It’s this “boys will be boys” mentality that has us beat. It’s the masculine disease feeding someone else’s security in being insecure.

And do I struggle with lust?  For sure.  And while its true that you’ll rarely find a man who doesn’t, it’s the way we struggle less and submit more to death’s covenant.

We become numb to consciences convictions devoid of lovers diction.  Convinced ourselves of fiction To ease the friction of our condition.  It may be a harsh depiction of a bleak and dark position.  But we’ve confused love with the erection; the act of sex with affection. Take a look at your reflection, you may detect a dying section, or clashing notes in your inflection.  Now, please, it’s time we begin dissection.

Because masturbation and lust are seeds which grow violently into the need for physical manifestation. But we just watch silently as sex diminishes to fast food and poison.  We eat it up, and “ba da ba ba ba” (Mcdonalds theme) they made a kids meal of it. But we don’t make a big deal of it.  We have kids watching porn before they even hit puberty. It was introduced to me at like 10 or 11 or something.

It’s just cheap pleasure, momentary measures to get through the minds rainy weather. It’s an endeavor that ends in loneliness and depression. Self loathing at your own concession.

Now, if we extrapolate the rate of degeneration we’ll soon be a nation who gets off on others blood, sweat, semen, and vaginal lubrication. Or are we already there? ‘Cause I see people laughing at ‘2 girls, 1 cup’, when that should really just make us want to throw up.  Isn’t our desensitization itself a sensation? I hope its one that makes us gag and shocks us back to consciousness.

I’ll end like this: Rise up oh, sleeper. Wake up you who are dead. Be gone oh, grim reaper.  It’s time our souls unite with freedom’s keeper.


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