Catchy isn’t it?  Marketers use it all the time.  Motivational speakers thrive on it.  Audiences get high on it.   Who doesn’t want to know how to get what you want NOW?!  “Get the dream body you’ve always wanted”,  “Get out of debt NOW”, “Get the man of your dreams with these five steps”….   Sometimes the ad isn’t even something I wanted until they told me I could have it NOW!  Seriously?!  I could  have the top of the line  snowblower in July NOW!! Sweet!


We know their little scheme, don’t we?  But we fall for it all the time.


Cars 2 is out on DVD (in case you didn’t know… but the only way you wouldn’t know is if you’re not a parent).  My son wants it… now.  We don’t buy a lot of DVD’s since getting Netflix, but there’s some movies that we choose to splurge on.  Cars 2 is one of them.


But we’re also trying to curb a habit we started to see in him at such a young age.  It’s the attitude of;



Everyday he asks me, “Can we get Cars 2 TODAY??!”   And I reply with the same answer, “Good things come to those who wait.”  (It must be sticking because I overheard him telling his stuffed animal the  exact line when it was asking him for a fruit to go)


What my son doesn’t know, is that I’ve ordered the DVD on amazon.  I have to admit, there’s been a couple of days I could have really used that DVD to give me some time to complete some tasks needing done (now).   So there I find myself rushing to the mailbox, “Is it here NOW?”   I open the mailbox with great anticipation only to close it with disappointment.  No DVD.  Not yet.  DRAT.  When will it ever get here???  I want it NOW.  I needed it yesterday!


Oh.  Looks like I need to hear, “Good things come to those who wait”…..


We ordered through amazon for two reasons: to save money, and to teach our son the art of living in rebellion to today’s cultural trend of “Get it NOW”.  Good things come to those who wait.  It’s a value that needs reinstating.


You don’t need it now.  You may not even need it!  I sure don’t need a snowblower.   I don’t even need that mascara Drew Barrymore just lured me with after seeing her killer lashes on my screen.  I don’t need my dream body NOW or the products that promise it.  I don’t need to know how to unlock my inner potential and ultimate success NOW; trust me, I need the character development that only perseverance and hard work produce.


Time to rebel against the NOW and embrace the wait.


(maybe the DVD will come tomorrow?)  WAIT… right.  Got it…. wait….