I have been teaching hip hop in my lower-income community for six years.  I love the kids and teens who live here.  Although they have many hindering factors such as behavior disorders, learning disabilities and some financial barriers – they come alive when they dance.


For the past two years, I have been searching for a space in our community where I could host after school dance sessions, classes and weekend workshops and jams for the kids, where they could learn from the amazing dancers we have in our hip hop community.


I started driving by the dance studio here in the community wondering if it had closed down.   You can imagine my surprise when my friend Greg Denie from Legacy One mentioned to me his crew needed more space to rehearse and had found a space in my community they were going to to check out.  It turned out to be the dance studio I’ve been spying on for the last two years!


This morning Legacy One and myself went to check out the studio.  The rent is $2500 per month.  Legacy One could cover around $1000/month for their daytime use.  We thought of passing around the idea to people who would like to invest in a missional project like this!


Myself and Legacy One see amazing opportunities to be able to invest in young people’s lives here in Lynnwood/Ogden through Hip Hop.  We see potential to build a music studio for recording and DJing in the space as well.  Weekend sessions and jams would make it a community hub for youth with people who are ready to love and pour into their lives.


After teaching in this community for six years, I have seen hip hop transform the “rough” kid, bring out courage in the insecure, and have heard time and again from teachers how they are amazed with the light they see in the ones with behavior disorders after a week of dance.  They, too, have expressed they wished there was somewhere for these kids to go to continue their dance.  I can only imagine what could happen in the lives of the young people in this community if this could be offered on a regular basis.


Greg, Legacy One, and myself are putting the word out to see if there are interested investors or churches who would like to partner with us on this mission.

Please feel free to email me at culturerebelonline@gmail.com.  We are in the midst of figuring out the details.  Right now, we feel we need to put the word out to see if there is interest in this.

Feel free to check out my dance company’s site here to find out more about what Mpact does to make a difference in young people’s lives.

Studio pics: