I do.  I like them.  I have some amazing gay friends I just adore.  Before I start, let me lay down what this blog is not about:


  • – this is not a debate about whether a gay lifestyle is right or wrong


  • – this is not a discussion of scriptures about gays
– this is not about whether I agree or disagree with a gay lifestyle



What this is, is a challenge to Christians to realize that its ok to like gay people.   You’re not doing anything wrong by loving people.




I’m going to put myself out there for a moment of vulnerability and admit something I’m not proud of.  I remember the first time I became friends with someone in a gay lifestyle.  My Christian upbringing told me I should keep my distance because being “friends” with them somehow stated I condoned their lifestyle, and that was a big no-no.  I distanced myself from them out of fear of what the church would think of me.  Looking back, I never asked Jesus what He thought.  I responded with the response I had been told directly and indirectly by the church.


Ugh.  I’m ashamed of my behavior.


The good news is that I was granted the privilege of meeting several gays after, who I rebelled against my church-girl instinct to keep away from, and dove into friendship with them.

I’m delighted that more Christians are discovering this “homophobic” mindset is not the mindset Christ intended us to have.  I’m fully convinced if He were here, He’d have no problems hanging out with them.


But here’s what really disturbs me; this “us and them” mentality.  I’ve even used this phrasing in the blog; referring to “them”.  That language speaks of separation, discrimination, and indifference.  I think this language remains because we’re still afraid that to fully embrace a gay person means we’re betraying biblical truth.


Can we please get over ourselves?  What a bunch of garbage.   We’ve bought into the lie that loving those we consider “sinful” effects our holiness.  I hope you see how warped that is.  Since when do we have any power to cleanse ourselves?


Jesus didn’t have a problem loving the people the religious leaders were repulsed by.


Embracing people is a Jesus idea.  If you’re heart is for Him, you can’t go wrong following in His example.