Confession time.   I live off my visa.  Not for my “needs”, but for my “wants”.   Not to survive, but to keep myself looking put together.  In the fight for status, I must keep up, but our wages won’t allow.  Thank God for visa!


Yet, I have to admit that in order to buy groceries every week, we often have to use our visa.  The truth is that some weeks, there’s just no money in our bank.   This isn’t so bad until I use the visa to buy “needed” items we don’t have cash for either. Things like:


  • getting my hair done (I have no choice with all my grey hair, right?!)


  • new mascara (priorities people, am I correct?)
  • facial cleanser/creme…. from Aveda.  (you wear your face every day -there’s no room to cheap out now)


  • shampoo/conditioner…. from Aveda (my hair is my crown.  You don’t put just anything on your crown now do you?)


  • styling products…. for strait hair AND curly…. from Aveda (must I repeat myself?)


So yes, I live off my visa at times to survive, but sometimes, it’s because I want a Starbucks really bad.   I deserve it, right?  I mean, if I’m having a rough day, there’s nothing a nice $5 coffee can’t cure….


Do you see the problem with this mentality?   You may laugh at some of the above statements, but it’s only because it’s true.   I can justify it by reasoning how much less my items cost than those who spend a ton of money on upgrading their homes/cars on credit, but the truth is…. the root is the same.


This is true of more people in North America than we think.  It can cause an illusion that we are more well off than we really are.  The problem with this illusion is that every family thinks they are the “only ones” using credit to either survive or keep up appearances.


Next time you pass by a homeless person, perhaps a good question to ask is: “Who’s truly broke, here?”    What poverty do you live in?


Maybe we have more in common than we think.