As most of you know, my book is finally published.  You can check it out on amazon here!  I am amazed how many women have come out of the woodwork over coffee just over the past month confessing, “I’ve always wanted to write a book”, or “I’ve been working on a book.”   They say it with the same hush tone I did a year ago.  It’s been thrilling to hear, as today anyone can write a book.  However, because anyone can, you want to do it right.  There are a million voices out there.  What’s going to make yours stand out?

You first need to decide what the purpose of the book is:

1. Is it just for friends and family?

2. Do you want to market it to the general public?  If so, how far do you want it to go?


How you answer will determine how you publish.  There are options for you.

1. I self published through Westbow Publishing.  They are a publishing company who will do everything for you; from getting your book ISPN number to formatting to book cover to editing.  I found them to be wonderful!  The difference between Westbow and a traditional publisher such as their sister company, Thomas Nelson is that you are paying them to publish your book.  To find out more about Westbow, click here.

2. I was able to publish a short ebook for FREE through amazon!  It’s called “Culture Rebel on a Diet”.  Check it out here.  This is when I realized that anyone really CAN publish a book!  It was easy.  I uploaded my content, added a cover page and 12 hours later, it was online.  Crazy.  To find out more about publishing an ebook with amazon, click here.

3. If you want to go the traditional route, you’ll need to write a really good book proposal.  Don’t send a publishing company your whole manuscript.  I have found reading Michael Hyatt’s blogs helpful in knowing about how to go about getting published the traditional route.  He has written, “Writing A Winning Book Proposal” for fiction and non.  Check it out!


I have also found Jeff Goins to be a source of inspiration for writing and getting published.  I just ordered his book, “Wrecked” and can’t wait to read it!


I have no problems sharing my journey to help anyone who is wanting to write a book!  I’m not an expert, by any means, but what I know is yours for the taking.  If you have a book in you, it may be time to get it out!  Why not?