I was honoured to be interviewed by Kelli Trujillo about my book, Culture Rebel.   Here is our candid interview.  Enjoy!

I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Connie Jakab. Her journey of re-envisioning God’s vision for her life is just plain awesome — I love the place God has led her to. Connie is the author of a new book called Culture Rebel: Because the World Has Enough Desperate Housewives. Keep on reading for some challenging, inspiring, just-plain-awesome stuff . . . 

Welcome, Connie! Please tell my readers a bit about yourself.

Hey there! My name is Connie and I live in Calgary, Alberta—yes that’s Canada. I have a hubby of 13 years and two precious boys; ages 6 and 2. I live off of coffee because I still get no sleep, and besides writing I’m a hip-hop dancer living out God’s mission in Calgary’s arts community.

What has God been teaching you lately about his vision for your life?

That’s a loaded question! I was in full-time pastoral ministry for ten years. I’ve been on a seven-year journey since that, for awhile, involved losing a sense of God’s purpose for my life. I struggled with the idea of “calling”. Wasn’t I “called” to the ministry? I felt like I had somehow blown it. I had just moved to Calgary with our newborn and found myself terribly lonely and depressed. I felt like my worth was taken and any gifting would be limited to breastfeeding. My husband’s salary increased so I started to find purpose in the mall: shopping, facials—anything that would get me out of my depressing state. I entered the new world of a moms Bible study where we would sit around and talk about our hard life as a mother, the lack of sex, our plans for a girls trip to Vegas, our newest shopping excursion . . . and maybe pick up the Bible on the occasion to study. This “new purpose” got old really fast. Was this all there was to life? I was desperate to rebel against it and create a new ideal—I just didn’t know how if it didn’t look like full-time ministry. God had to break down my mindset so a new one could form. Perhaps being used by God didn’t have to look “big”? Maybe the small things could matter? Perhaps intentionally finding needs and meeting them WITH my kids in tow was a possibility?

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