So a few months ago I wrote a post titled, Why I don’t have An iphone.  Hubby showed up before the weekend with my early Christmas gift.  Guess what it was?  An iphone.  Oh how funny.  There goes all my joke material about my “old skool” phone that’s been the recipient of my 2 year olds schemes time again.  The “n” didn’t work for texting and somehow my son had changed the text messaging to the spanish setting.  I’m just incredibly ordinary here with my iphone now, haha. I messaged some good buddies and jokingly said, “My culture rebellion is officially over”.  One of my reasons why I didn’t want an iphone is because I find the cost of them ridiculous, but when hubby told me he paid only $24 and got an amazing plan, I felt better.

The other reason I didn’t want an iphone was because I am trying to limit my screen time.  For awhile now, I have been feeling the challenge to get off facebook and get into THE BOOK.  Having all social media outlets at the touch of my hand can be dangerously addicting.  I can tell I am going to have to set up some serious boundaries.  One of my boundaries is that myself and my kids will not use it to just “pass time”. I want to see individuals and have my eyes open for those in need.  I don’t want my eyes constantly staring downwards at a screen.

Perhaps we need to rediscover how to notice others? As much as these new technologies aren’t “wrong”, how are they keeping us from engaging in lives in need?  How can we see the broken when our eyes are glued to a screen? Sometimes it just seems to me like another item that keeps eyes focused inwards and on self.  I don’t have to be friendly or talk to someone when I have my mobile device to keep me distant from those even sitting right next to me.

Perhaps we need to get off the computer and into the words God has written to us.  His words give life.  I’ve been challenged about this even just this weekend.

I am thankful for the amazing accessibilities that are open to me now with this remarkable phone, however, I want to use technology to serve the purposes I need it to – not for me to serve it.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.