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Well it’s a historic moment in History…

Let’s not carried away, but it is the first time we have had a guest post!

You might remember earlier in the week, I wrote a story for the Calgary Beacon about a dance performance called Something to Say happening from April 4-7 at the Vertigo Theatre. You can read this story here

The producer and the director of the show is Connie Jakab. She has her own blog called the Culture Rebel you can read this here

The interesting thing about poverty is it’s a very uncomfortable topic at times.It’s simple enough, there is us who has stuff and status and those who don’t. You can go downtown anywhere too see that.

I was shocked to learn that Calgary has the highest debt rate in Canada. If there is a city that has a need to have a conversation about poverty.

Connie has been very open on her blog about her struggle with stuff. So I asked her to write a post about this from her perspective. Hopefully this will give you something to think about going forward and talk about.

Here it is…


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Agree or Disagree: It’s time for us to have a discussion about poverty