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When my husband and I moved to Calgary back in 2006, we felt like we had landed in the land of plenty.  My husband was working for a flooring company experiencing growth in the economic boom.  Having a new baby, we were happy to be able to live comfortably off my husband’s income.

As a new mom, it was nice to have money to throw around on coffee’s out, new clothes, books and anything related to “shopping”.  I found myself bored at home.  Venturing off each day just for “small things” costed us about $15-$20 a day – but that wasn’t a big deal…. then.

Coming from working directly with at risk youth in East Vancouver, I found myself searching for families in Calgary who were in need with little success.  Where were they?  Perhaps this city truly was the answer to everyone’s financial problems!

Then the boom busted, and so did my husband’s work.  The flooring industry was getting slower and slower.  Our finances were sinking more each month as we still were living like we did when paycheques were good.  My trips to the mall and to starbucks continued while our line of credit grew.

One day it all hit the fan.  We had more money going out than coming in and without our line of credit, we would have been in a terrible position.  Ironically, that’s when I found the needs in our city.  As I began to feel what poverty felt like; using our line of credit just for groceries, not being able to take our son even to McDonald’s, unless it was for a dollar drink in the summer, wondering if we would make it the next month or be buried more in debt.


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