Hot off the press: rebel graf hats.  You can order one by sending me an email at

Why hats?  These are for youth/young adults with under the Hip Hop Culture Rebel series I do for youth groups (and crazy moms like me who will wear them).  When it comes to hip hop, clothing is a part of the culture.  What you wear is your label, your brand.  It’s meant to shine your personality and uniqueness.

Why graffiti?  Tagging/graf writing is one of the four elements of hip hop culture.  It started in New York when people wanted to make their name known.  Bboys in hip hop culture are given a bboy name.  They would tag their name on walls and trains so that when people would pass by the wall or see the train, they would see that person’s name.  When I explain this to teens in schools today, I make sure kids know they don’t need to graf their names on public spaces anymore because we have things like Facebook to make our name known – a novelty they didn’t have back in the 70’s.  It’s nice that cities also have great programs for graffiti to be displayed as public art as well.  Check out fellow Calgarian The Kid Belo’s website to see his graffiti art on public spaces here.

I like the idea of being given a new name; a name that’s earned in the cypher in opposition and battle.  Sounds like what happens when life throws hardballs at us.  God works and renames us.  Pressure is the precursor to new life.  I also love the analogy of making a name known.  For me, I’ve chosen “Rebel” as what I’m wearing to brand myself with because I want to be a rebel for the One whom I want to make known.  It’s time for Jesus, the ultimate culture rebel, to be made known.

Why REBEL?  Graf writers don’t use more than 6 letters, so I chose REBEL for those who want to join me in being a rebel for the right reasons.  A rebel for a cause.  A rebel for the kingdom.

So yes, I’ve labelled myself.  I’ve branded myself as a holy rebel, a radical disciple.  Think a minute about how you’ve branded yourself?  You may not wear a word on your clothing.  Our lives are the greatest visual of the labels we’ve chosen.  Choose well and then live it full out.


You can pre-order a Rebel graf hat for only $25 ($30 if you need it shipped to you).  You can do this by emailing me at  Thanks to Jeff Goring who designed the hats.  You can check out his site here!