I have been on a quest  of trying to find out how to make poverty in our world personal to me.   So I decided to skip food for one day with a bunch of other crazies from Brown Baggin’ It.


My energy levels spiraled downward as the day went on.  By mid afternoon when my son wanted a snack, I was dying for a snack too!  But I endured…


I actually started thinking about those struggling with eating disorders and how they manage!   They CHOOSE this??!   But those who truly can’t afford to eat (and yes, that kind of poverty exists!), how do they function?   I couldn’t think strait by dinner.  I finally opened the fridge (first mistake) and saw my husband’s left over butter chicken right in front of me.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  One smell of that yummy food and I was done in.


I discovered I truly suck at this starving thing.


Every thing seems harder without food.  It’s hard to concentrate.  Hard to problem solve.  Hard to deal with difficult people (who may just happen to be your own kids that particular day…)   It would be much easier just to lay on the couch and not move, but that’s not an option.


What if I had to live like this every day?  Any ambition and drive to do anything positive would lay dormant, not from lack of desire, but from inability to function.  Any potential inside me would stay only a seed, as we all know that dreams take nourishment to grow.


Young people WANT to succeed.  I’m more passionate than ever to make sure they do.  Every week, I buy groceries for lunches for Sherwood School here in Calgary.  I can’t change the world, but I can do something for my community.  What about the school in your community?  Do they have kids who go hungry at lunch?  Maybe it’s time for a conversation with the school about what you and perhaps some other caring parents could do!


BE the change you want to see in the world.  You are the answer.  Make poverty personal.


Did you participate yesterday in Brown Baggin’ It’s challenge to go a day  or a meal without food, or have you ever gone a day without food?  What was it like for you?