As a child, Garfield was my hero.  I even looked like him: short, round, orange (from the time I put on too much self-tanner…)   He had two famous sayings I would own:


Eat right, exercise daily and die anyways.


Diet is DIE with a T!


Words to live by… no wonder I was called, “Connie Chunk”.


Funny thing is, he was right.  You can eat right, P90X yourself right out, but in the end, we all die. However, I’m smarter to know now that those who feed themselves good food and keep their body moving will probably last a bit longer.  However, the god of health will one day fail you.  Maybe it’s not selling your heart and soul?… Just a thought.


However, I want to focus our attention on Garfield’s profound thought of “DIE with a T”.  I’m a personal trainer so I know all the jargon.  I talk it, but this culture-rebel diet has caused me to re-think my speech patterns.   Those in the fitness and health industry encourage “lifestyle change” as opposed to “dieting”  (even though fitness models you see on Oxygen diet like crazy to look like that. That ain’t no “permanent lifestyle” they’re following for that body, let me tell you. But that’s for another blog down the road).


Yet in order to make a lifestyle change needed to show you’ve truly switched from the god of “more” to the  contentment of “enough” (read yesterday’s blog if you haven’t yet).  You actually have to diet.  Actually, “DIE with a T”.


You are going to have to die.  No, not  YOU. You’re no good to us dead.  I mean you’re desires, your selfishness for more, your craving for what YOU want at the moment.  Remember sending your hubby out for ice cream at 2am?  Or  running around town frantically looking for a corner store with a slurpee machine (yes, I once did that for my daily slurpee)?  Yes THAT needs to die.


Why? Why should I stop eating what I want, when I want?  Why do I need to focus on inner motivations?  Just hand me the protein shake, diet pill and get me some results, right?!  – actually, you’re flesh needs to die to falling for all those diet fads too…. How much money have you spent on all of them?!….. only leaving you coming back for more.


You can do this your way. Find the diet that serves you a sexy bod through a miracle pill or by your will power to eat veggies till you turn into a carrot stick, but your inners are still the same, only to reveal itself later on in life when that crisis hits leaving you with no will power left.  Or when life sucks you dry of your money leaving you unable to afford all the gimmicks.   Your underlying motivations will be there to serve you at any moment.


OR…. you could learn to tame your wild beast and live free for the rest of your life.  It most certainly is the harder road, but you’re smart.  You know quick fixes are only that, don’t you?

The culture rebel “diet” is a transformation of the inside, resulting on the outside.     


Time to “die with a t”. What does the “T” stand for?  No idea.  Trouble?  Tears?  Tyrrany? …. no, no, no.  Those sound awful.  How about “To”?


Yes: DIE TO … you (desires, wants, etc).   It may kill you, but it’ll deliver.


Still brave? See you tomorrow.