I wrote this blog post just over a year ago.  It reminded me to take control of my schedule this year and not go nuts.

It’s the end of a typical Tuesday/Thursday. Rushing off to work, making sure Ben’s got all he needs for preschool.  Picking up from preschool to rush off to karate.   After karate it’s a quick trade of dropping off Ben to Reuben while I head off to teach dance for the evening.

I need a coffee just thinking about it.  Sometimes I wake up on Tuesdays and Thursdays  wanting to hide under my covers because I know what insanity is about to take place…

But wait a minute?  Who MADE that schedule?  I did!  I put Ben in preschool and Karate!  I knew I had to work in the morning and evening…. I CREATED that insanity!

Us moms do that.  We want our kids to have the best experiences and education so we pack our week full of activities of preschool, swimming, karate, piano, soccer, hockey… and the list goes on.    Before we know it, every day has been filled with endless van rides and we find ourselves exhausted at the end of the day.

Even those who stay home find the days can just rush by in a swarm of hussle and bussle taking care of a toddler and baby at home.  Washing, cleaning, cooking, making sure the baby doesn’t fall down the stairs (again) or get into the liquid drayno while keeping the other eye on the toddler who loves to get into the sparkle glue….

You don’t have to be a mom to relate to this.  Young adults, men at work, teens…. we all relate.

I was chatting with some fellow dance artists about a piece they did about being too busy.  They took the word: “busy” and researched it.   Did you know that in Chinese it means “heart killing”.

When we clutter our lives with too much, it kills our inner heart.

This school year, why not rebel against thinking that busy is good?  Why not practice the art of stillness and clearning the calendar for inconviences and adventures that might be thrown your way?  Maybe family time could be increased, rest could be restored, and thriving could begin?