I have two wardrobe lives: my hip hop wardrobe and my wardrobe via Winners and Le Chateau.  Quite the contrast, yes.  I decided to rummage through my hip hop wardrobe first as it is well used.  I have 22 hats – just in my hip hop wardrobe and I wear most of them (how I wear 22 hats on a regular basis is beyond me…)  I did manage to sell one of them this week to a kid I’m teaching in school.  SCORE!


I also found out that I have SEVEN Adidas jackets. SEVEN. One was a gift, the rest I bought myself and not on sale.  There’s an investment of $390 right there.  I will be giving one away this week just to show Adidas has no power over me (but it will hurt…)


Onto the other half of my wardrobe where I find I have 3 denim jackets… and two of them are the same?  I sense a pattern here…   I have 4 pairs of leggings in which THREE of them are identical – just in case of a legging emergency I guess?….


Everyone needs a little black dress, right?  Well how about FOUR!  Yup, I got four little black dresses for all the fancy events I go to on a weekly basis (HA!)


I went through my scarves first and found I have 14 scarves!  Two of them were exactly the same.  How does that work?  The funny thing is, I don’t even LIKE the scarves that were the same!  I’d never wear them, so why did I buy them??


However, I am relieved to see I have one black dress pant (practical) and two pairs of jeans.  See, I’m not excessive…. all the time…


Closet purged, donation bin full and I’m feeling lighter already… till I look up and realize I forgot the shelf above my hangers with all the clothes I’m still waiting to fit into after baby.  Uh oh, here we go again.


OH. MY. WORD.  Up in my closet, sitting dormant waiting for me to give up my love for whipped cream is:

3 MORE black pants (so much for practical)

8 pairs of jeans. EIGHT. One still has a tag on it…

1 more little black dress

6 more dress pants that aren’t black.  One with a tag.


And these aren’t even being worn.  I reassure myself that when I’m back to my original weight these items will be well used again.  I’m giving myself six more months for that to happen or I may be still justifying my stash when my kids are teenagers!


Sighing with relief, I go to make myself a snack and realize I totally missed my workout drawer.  Should be harmless, right?  How much excess could be in there?  Well, when you’ve worked as a personal trainer like I have, you’d be surprised.   Yikes, here we go again:

11 Lululemon tops. ELEVEN.  That’s a $660 investment on… ME!  Half of them hit the donation bin.

9 workout tanks that aren’t Lulu.  How much do I workout??!

6 workout sweaters – just to show up in style…

4 lulu pants and 3 lulu shorts.

Apparently, I don’t cheap out on workout gear.


Purge, purge, purge.  Simplify and de-clutter the excess.  Ahhh, my project is complete…  till I remember the box of summer clothes and pre-preggo clothes that couldn’t fit on the shelf in my closet that’s stuffed in storage downstairs.


Will this ever end?


The box:

12 summer dresses – almost good for 2 weeks free of laundry!

Oh look! Another denim jacket!

1 more adidas shirt

A bridesmaids dress I will probably NEVER fit into again… or have anywhere to wear it to!

Yet another coat

And just a bunch of tees (that I don’t wear), 4 skirts, 2 more pants and some tanks.


The donation bin is exploding.  My closet is still full.  Yes, the clothes in my closet are more likely to be worn on a regular basis, however, I still have enough items for some to collect some dust for awhile.


If I total all the items in my closet (260) and mutiply it by $10 (which is generous for my adidas and lulu items) the total is $2600.  The sobering fact is that I bought 90% of these items as I don’t get clothes as presents.  Most of them were bought on visa and on impluse  – just because I wanted them.  I didn’t “need” another little black dress, I just didn’t want to wear last year’s.  There is no reason for anyone in their right mind to have 20 workout tops in their wardrobe.  Even Jillian Michaels can’t be that crazy.


Why do this?  Because I’m trying to show myself that excess and more “stuff” doesn’t equal happiness.   Today’s shopping spree is tomorrow’s closet dust collector or donation.  Maybe a return to simplicity is needed?  Perhaps there’s relief in buying into the theory of “I have enough”.  Thankfulness and contentment can replace impulse.


I’m not saying I think everyone should do this, but it is enlightening.  Some of you are like me and have hoarded more than we can possibly handle.  For others, you may find you have very little.  I had you on my mind a lot as I went through my closet.  I thought about those who have nothing and wondered if I could replace my passion for myself with reaching out to those who struggle.


I just remembered my accessories! But let’s leave that for another day…