IMG_5881This is just a fun post of remembering random things we probably all remember from “back in the day”.  Yes, the picture is me.  Alas. Enjoy a few laughs with me on my birthday.  39 and holding!

I was born in 1974 and grew up in a time where;

– I was brought home from the hospital in a laundry basket in the back seat, not a government approved baby car seat.  And I lived.

– my first record was Abba, Voulez Vous

– Madonna was my favorite artist. Oh look, she’s still around.  Does anyone else find that surreal?

– seat belts weren’t law until I was in grade 6 so we used to nap on the back seat.  Comfortably.

– books had pages you had to turn.  Nancy Drew was my fav.

– Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were the teen pop stars of the day.  Johnny Depp, River Phoenix and David Hasslehoff were the heartthrobs.

– having a birthday at McDonald’s was considered to be pretty epic

– special shows like the Charlie Brown Halloween Special, Rudolph, the Grinch could only be seen once on TV during the season.  If you missed it, you had to wait a whole year.

– I loved watching Sha-na-na before bed.

– I remember the Coca Cola cocaine scandal, and when they changed their recipe and had to go back to “Coca Cola Classic” because it bombed.  I also remember Diet coke made its debut when I was 11.

– the typical family vehicle was a station wagon – with wood panelling on the outside

– Prince’s name was actually “Prince” and Michael Jackson was still black

– I knew how to tell time on a non digital clock in grade 1.

– TV’s were described as “color’ or “black and white”

– we used high tech devices called pencils and paper in school

– I learned how to type on a typewriter

– I saw Return of the Jedi in grade 6 nine times because there was no such thing as a VHS.  In fact, we had a Beta until VHS took over.

– Video killed the radio star

– Ms Pacman mini was my first video game

– “gay” meant happy.

– after school I would watch shows like Different Strokes, Silver Spoons, Facts of Life, and The Cosby Show

– I left the house at 10am and came back for dinner.  Mom didn’t worry.

– I rode my bike EVERYWHERE.

– I played outside.  Alone. At the park.  OMG how did I survive?

– 3D meant wearing blue and red glasses at the theatre.

– my neighbours could call me out on anything.  If I picked Mrs Lynton’s tulips, sure enough someone called my grandma to let her know.  Scolding was ready for me by the time I got back.

– road trip consisted of books, road games, and scenery, not portable DVD’s.

– imagination was equivalent to today’s DS

– I had a Garfield telephone. This is how we communicated with our friends

– you had to DIAL phones.  Phones got buttons when I hit grade 6.  That was pretty cool.

– movie theatres were cheap

– acid wash jeans made its first appearance. Too bad it wasn’t the last.

– Stirrup pants. Yes I wore them.  Now forget I just said that.

– I walked to school in the snow when it was -30.

– my grandparents tent was our “time share”.  Gull Lake was our Mexico.

– I had a walkman in Grade 7 and a discman by grade 9.  Before that I carried a big ass ghetto blaster on my shoulder.  Being not even 5 feet meant that was a difficult task.

– high school consisted of getting your hair up as high as you could via teasing with a comb and hairspray

– rollerskates weren’t the “retro” option. It was the only option

– I learned how to use a floppy disc in computer class in grade 10.  And how to operate DOS.

– in grade 10 I went to Quebec where “Ne touche pas” was #1 on the top 10. (Can’t Touch this, MC Hammer)

– when I started dating my hubby in ’97 we faxed one another when I was overseas because we didn’t have emails yet

– I got my first cell phone when I was 27.  It was huge.  No, like the PHONE was huge.  Seriously.

– I got my first laptop in college.  It was massive.

– “google” was a word that could have possibly been uttered when playing with a baby

– I just got an iphone last year

– Old School isn’t just a dance or style of music to me, it’s who I am