Yesterday I mentioned that you are being exploited. (see blog post here if you missed it    I hope you want to do something about it.  If media isn’t going to shape culture, what will?  I have a crazy alternative to offer.


What if this defined a woman instead:

  • impressive character
  • one who’s husband trusts without a doubt to not sleep with every man on the block (and not to spend their life savings on Starbucks)
  • one who speaks well of her husband – even in the midst of catty women complaining about their “useless” hubbies
  • inventive
  • creative
  • hard working
  • generous to the poor, embracing them rather than shunning them
  • a good investor
  • doesn’t give in to mass consumption for herself, but invests wisely, thinking about her family’s future
  • her family weathers financial storms just fine because she’s smart with her money
  • someone you won’t catch watching “The Real Housewives of…”  She’s got better things to do.
  • hardly lazy
  • has great style that is bought without a credit card and shows her worth and dignity
  • considers wisdom to be better than status
  • embraces her age
  • knows that beauty will fade
  • cares to pattern her life after God and receive identity from Him more than falling for the messages media tries to sell her


This woman described in Proverbs 31 is a picture of an outstanding role model for all us women, young and old.  However, most women after reading it say things such as; “I could never live up to that kind of standard”, and head off to try and measure up to the standards media places on women’s beauty and worth.  Umm, ok…


Do you see how stupid that is, or is it just me?


I remember listening to a tape (yes, a tape) of Tony Campolo when I was 16.  I listened to that tape so many times, I had it memorized.  One of the things he said on the tape referred to women and sin.  It has never left me.  Before the word “sin” makes you shudder with all the pre-concieved ideas that goes along with it, bear with me.  He stated the greek word definition of sin: “Hamartia” which means, “to miss the mark”.  Interesting. It doesn’t mean to break the rules.  Here’s what he stated about women after giving this definition: “For a woman to not become all that she was meant to be is sin.  She’s missing the mark.  When she dumbs herself down to not threaten the insecure male, she is forfeiting all that God created her for”.


It is my responsibility as a women birthed for such a time as this to be a walking, living alternative for others to see.  How are women to see we were made for so much more if we, too, are buying into all the junk and deception media throws at us.


No, enough is enough.  It’s time to be who we were created for.   It starts with you and me.   Be brave, oh culture rebel.  It’s time to MAKE culture.  A new culture of women who refuse to be objects to sell product.  Women who care about what we’re modeling for the next generation.  Women who define beauty entirely different.

#notbuyingit   Are you?