I was wild, free, full of life, energy and ambition.   Thinking of all that could become fueled my imagination and zest.  Visualizing  possibilities fed my soul.   Life was mine for the taking.  I was riding a wave of favor, seeing everything I touched turn to gold.

You can imagine what happened when everything I dreamed and built came crashing down, leaving in me in nothing but ruins.   My world was shattered.   The blue sky was now dark, leaving me in a world of confusion.   “But I was told to dream big!”  My heart, soul and passion was poured out, only to be returned to me crushed and broken.

What had gone wrong?…..

Now eight years later perspective has become brighter.   Do I still dream?   Yes, I’m an entrepreneur, a maverick in spirit, but here’s a little gift I have discovered that I never knew was there in the ruins.

When my dreams came crashing down, along with it came what felt like a cage.  This cage restrained my actions, and kept me under control.  It deprived me of my freedom, forcing me into “constraint”.   This word, “constraint”, was brought to my attention by a blog by Seth Godin wrote about that word.  His blog started with stating: “Every project worth doing comes with constraints.  Our natural inclination is to fight them”. YES!  I was experiencing this constrain and fighting it head-on.

I never realized that this constraint was a gift to focus me.  When you’re in a box, you only have so much you can do with your arms and legs.  They can only go so far, causing the moves to be focused.  You could call gravity a constraint, keeping us grounded so we don’t literally get blown by the wind here, there, and everywhere.

Could I dare present the idea that the constraint we feel in our lives is actually giving us the power to focus?  Could it be directing us to God’s preferred future for us?  I can see this true for my life looking back to where constraint has led me.

“Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint” (Proverbs 29:10).    “Restraint” in the Hebrew meaning; “getting out of hand, running wild, undisciplined….. to let loose”.

May I present this idea then: Where there is constraint, there is vision.   What these uncontrolled people described in Proverbs needed was a little limitation to give them the vision they needed?

Could this be true?  Could it be that what was taken away was actually a gift of constraint wanting to give you fresh vision?  Could it be what seemed unjust to you was actually just what you needed?   Is it possible that the confusion you felt was actually going to lead to a clarity like you’ve never experienced?

I’m still a dreamer….. but thanks to constraint, one with a bit more focus.  “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be”.  This is on the mantle of my friends house.  Life handing you the unexpected may just be what you needed to lead you to your preferred future.  Maybe the direction handed to you against your will is actually helping?

A little Tuesday morning perspective.  Take a breath and go with the journey.  Oh the places we’ll go!