Thank you for all your comments on the blog yesterday and for stopping by, even if you didn’t read the blog.  I wanted to announce the winner of our draw by highlighting her comment.  (I didn’t base the winner on the content of the comment, but drew names from one of my cereal bowls….classy, eh?)


The winner of the book made this comment: “A Culture Rebel doesn’t just rebel against culture, they offer an alternative.” I love that! So many times Christians want to rebel against the status quo but don’t really think about what a biblical alternative would or could be.”


That’s a very interesting observation.  Are we just rebelling for rebellion’s sake?  Because being a bit of a rebel is the newest fad?   Just to say we did?  What’s the point of rebelling against the status quo?  What are we really wishing to achieve?  Its an enormous amount of effort, is it worth it?


To be all talk and no action (the alternative) will get old fast, and the hype will die quick.   Being the rebel is actually the easy part.   It’s what to do in response that’s the part that takes something deep inside the heart to spring up.   You see, we can have the best intentions, but as I discovered not too long ago, whatever is in my heart is what’s going to end up showing up… no matter how great my ideals are.   Bad heart, bad results.   The alternative I show with my life has to flow from a heart that has been through the ringer…. and still beats soft.   Still is willing to love when hate is permissive.  Still willing to cheer when others are hating.  Still willing to forgive when “karma” is wished for.  Still willing to listen to the One with greater wisdom…. and obey.

Transparency in a world of facade.

Honesty (when it hurts) in a world that encourages to do whatever it takes to get by.

Contentment in a world that encourages gratification NOW through means of credit.


The condition of the heart is where the alternative is born.  Imagine for a moment what a heart softened and formed by the Father could do in this world?

What alternatives would that bring?  Share your thoughts!


(oh, and by the way, the winner of our book draw was Debbie Thunberg!)