Ok, putting aside the fact there’s no way we couldn’t possibly afford one at this moment, even if I could, I wouldn’t want one (though I admit; they are sexy lil machines)

Here’s why:

1. As I mentioned, we don’t have a whole lot of money.  We have cut everything that can be cut.  We don’t even pay for cable.  You know what gets me?  When I see people who state they have no money with an iPHONE.  Seriously?  Cell phone, yes (essential in our first world for getting a job), but an iphone? Hmmm….


2. I don’t want a leash.  The last thing I need is to have facebook and email at my beacon call.  I’m obsessed enough.  I thoroughly enjoy my moments away from screens


3. I can think of a ton of things I could do with the amount of money an iphone costs to use per month.  My friend pays $80/month for her iphone.  I pay $20.  I can do a lot with $80 – like give it away.  I’m searching for ways to be more generous with my money.  An iphone just doesn’t do it.


4. I can’t have a normal conversation anymore without my converse-ee looking at their phone.  You know what I want to do to their iphone when they look at it while out for coffee with me?  I wanna chuck it at the wall.  Can’t anyone stay engaged in meaningful conversation anymore without looking at their phone?   Am I getting old to think that it’s incredibly rude?  Rant over.  There you have it.  If you’re out with me and you look at your phone, you’ll know what I really want to do with it.  I won’t, but you’ll know what I’m thinking.. 🙂

Umm, ya.  This is something I’m really passionate about.  When you meet with me for coffee, my phone will still stay put in my purse.

I don’t want to say “never” (because maybe my regular cell phone will become obsolete one day), but can we take a moment to take a hard look at what we buy?  Do we really need it, or has marketing done a good job convincing us we do?  What if we could become the generous people we long to be?  What could we cut out in order to see that happen.  That may not be your phone.  There is an opportunity for us to budget our money based on generosity, mission and purpose, not just consumer want.

Imagine that?