Moms, you have more capacity than you think.  I know coffee is required, but after that morning cup of java, you are a living, breathing change agent. Did you know that?


Why do I believe this?


Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, we know that don’t we?  Yet somehow us moms manage to do what seems to be impossible in that time frame.  Get the kids off to school (relatively on time for you Connie-types), lunches, laundry, cleaning, dinner, school projects, work….  who knew we could do so much?!


Whether you feel this amazing ability is just a series of positive coincidences that have just happened on you by chance (because you feel your house really should have burned down by now), or you’ve strategically planned your family’s outcomes out step by step on a goal board (and God forbid they don’t play along) – it all boils down to the fact that you are quite extraordinary.   You have a gift that half the population of the earth doesn’t.


But what are we doing with this amazing talent? What kinds of activities are we choosing to bring into our jaw-dropping juggling act?  Coffee dates? preschool programs? sports, sports and more sports?  Swimming, piano, extra math tutoring (now that’s just cruel…)?   And that’s just for the kids.


I know you ask yourself where the time goes.  I know you often wish you had more time.  I was just pondering this the other day when I started to really think about the times in my life when I had the most time (hmmm, there’s never been a time in my life when I thought I had all the time in the world…. except when I was 6)


When I thought a little longer, the times I came up with are this:

  • when I was a young adult student.  I would have put up a good argument back then to hear such audacity, but what was I busy doing?  School work?.. HA!  Bah, no.  I had a social agenda to keep.  School was such a distraction…
  • becoming a mom.  Whoa, don’t pounce on me.  I realize that it varies family to family.  For example, I don’t have FOUR kids.  That has “busy” written all over it to me, but some of my friends who have four kids tell me its a piece of cake to them, while others tell me they can barely keep track of what their name is (let alone their children’s names)   We could all tell our stories of why our lives are so jam packed with 1, 2… 8 kids.  But here’s my experience:

When my first son was born I got to take a year off work.  With all that given time I;

  • slept when I could 🙂
  • worked out
  • went to the movies with all the other breast-feeding moms during baby-friendly movie times
  • filled my calendar with numerous coffee dates
  • spent a lot of time on facebook (like, a lot)
  • became obsessed with internet research on cloth vs plastic diapers


I’m not going to say that the items above weren’t important (besides the excessive amount of time on facebook), but what capacity of opportunity did I have during that time to do something truly impacting?  A lot!!  Did I do it?…. no.


Before you leave feeling super guilty (because us moms know how to feel guilty better than anyone on the planet) – how about a change in mindset –a change of perspective to really tap into that mind-blowing talent and gift of time you have?


Imagine what you and your kids could do if you:

– decided to for-go the coffee dates and volunteered in your  community?  Bring your friend!

– took up baking for those in need (as long as you’re not like me and end up eating the whole batch before it hits the oven!)

– cut down the amount of activities to one choice per year and simplify your schedule to be available for one another and your neighbours?

– see yourself as a change agent.  (you ARE, just believe it already)

– tap into your talents (what if you could USE it for the better good??!)

– get inventive with bringing other moms along for a new ride of boycotting the mall and play-dates in excess to be replaced with meaningful hospitality, friendship and reaching out.


I will conclude with one of my fav songs by Gwen Stefani: WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?


no, seriously.  What are you waiting for?


(if you’re in Calgary and have no idea where to start, start by checking out Role Mothers or Humanity in Practice at