Books by Connie Jakab

Bring Them Closer

In this book, I share my own personal journey of how my son went from being hospitalized due to threats of suicide at the young age of eight, to now having overcome anxiety depression.

“You never send the hurting away, you bring them closer”, but what does that LOOK LIKE? How do we create a connection with our children so they lived healed and whole? How do we see our children free of anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues?

This book will leave you with tools that can help your family over, mental health challenges and prevent them from happening.

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When The Dead Live

This book is a fresh look at faith that breathes life back into our daily lives.

Culture Rebel: Because the World Has Enough Desperate Housewives

Connie Jakab is a force to be reckoned with. She will settle for nothing less than wholesale change – both in the way women view themselves, as well as the way society suppresses their life-transforming capacities. Long may her cultural rebellion last!