Brave Tribe

You have a dream, we have a Tribe

In 2021, let's see your dreams become a reality! The Brave Tribe Membership will give you month by month plans to build your message and influence to be able to bring hope to a world that so desperately needs it!

Imagine this time next year you're not creating the same ol' goals as everyone else: "This year I will write my book, speak my message, launch my course...." because you will already have DONE that! The number one reason people don't achieve their dreams is that they don't know what steps to take or they don't carve out intentional time to work on their dream. The Brave Tribe Membership will allow you to do BOTH. Each day of the month will have an intentional task in a bite-size form so you CAN achieve these big goals. Baby steps and consistency wins. Not only that, but you'll have our supportive tribe to journey along with you.

By this time next year, you will have written your book, launched your online course, created an online presence to attract your audience to your message, and have everything you need in order to launch your dream!

The 12 months of Brave:

January: Write your book 

- from writing to editing, to publishing

February: Jumpstart your online course

  • from your topic to modules, to production, to launching

March: Website and Funnel development

  • from creating websites, funnels, finding the best platform for YOU, and building it

April: Building Your Email List

  • from building your lead magnet to finding your audience and adding them to your list

May: Creating events and community around your message

  • from event creation and all that’s involved in various ways to bring your dream clients to you through the community.

June: Messaging to your audience

  • from YouTube to Podcasts, to blogs

July: Instagram 101

  • all things Instagram, grids, how to build, etc

August: Facebook 101

  • all things facebook including how to set up your page and running Facebook ads

September: Content that attracts

  • from copywriting for social media, email lists, print

October: Coaching Skills 

  • coaching methods for transformation

November: Setting up your financial success

  • from personal, to business, to maximize your $10,000 a month!

December: Goal setting like a pro

- getting ready for the new year, business goals, personal goals, routines for success

Everything you need to launch your dream is HERE!
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Join before December 27/2020 and pay only $29/month! After December 27 it goes up to $45/month.