Empower yourself to create environments of wellness

How do you create lasting connection?

Through my connection coaching, I work with parents, educators, and business owners and empower you to create environments of wellness.

There are specific things that need to be in place to do so. Let me show you how so your homes, classrooms, and places of work can be spaces of connection and wellness.

Redesign Your Home

Creating a psychologically safe environment.

We also can consult and design your physical environment to produce an environment of wellness as well.

Creating a culture of belonging

Empathy is hard and inclusion is a skill. The good news is that once you know the tools it’s possible to have a classroom or workplace that becomes excellent at empathy and inclusion that is bully free.

Working with Oppositional Defiance or ADHD

Let’s admit it, it’s hard to work with those who have some of these challenges. Let me help you navigate the dangers so you can bring out the best in those who some would label as, “too challenging.”

Bring Them Closer 5 weeks [Online Course]

The child and youth mental health crisis is at an all-time high. Anxiety and depression are skyrocketing. Over the last 10 years, there has been a 55% increase in the hospitalization of children and youth due to mental health concerns. Parents are at a loss to know how to deal with some of the issues our children are displaying.

Our kids are not ok.

In this online course, I share my own personal journey of how my son went from being hospitalized due to threats of suicide at the young age of eight, to now having overcome anxiety depression. “You never send the hurting away, you bring them closer”, but what does that LOOK LIKE? How do we create a connection with our children so they lived healed and whole? How do we see our children free of anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues?

After this online course, you will leave with tools that can help your family over, mental health challenges and prevent them from happening.