In the next few weeks, I want to feature moms and women who are really stepping out of their safe worlds and choosing to do some crazy things despite their fear. Nicole Unice is one such as this!   She has just written a book called; “She’s Got Issues”.  Sounds like a must-read for me!  

She will be be on the Drew Marshall show this Saturday:…they if you would like to listen in!

Here she is as a guest today on the blog talking about:  being real about how scared I am


I am scared more often than I like to admit, and I am scared to change.


I used to say I loved change and lived for it, but that was only half true.  I love when change is in motion, but I hate living between the dream and the reality. I hate that change is tinged with sadness because it means leaving something behind. And anytime change comes and I turn from one thing to another, fear enters. Fear says “you might be terrible at this.” Fear says “don’t even try.”


Fear says ignore your dreams and yearnings for the bigger life, and stay safe and comfortable right where you are. Fear tries to make the unknown much worse than the present. Fear says “you think this is hard now, but doing X will be so much worse.” Fear loves the what if.


Fear has our body on its side. Fear can make our hearts race and our palms sweat and lays a blanket of dread over our shoulders. Fear twists our stomachs and tells us to hurry up and hide. Fear loves escape and fear loves paralysis.


When we lose ourselves in fear, we don’t allow the winds of change to blow in and through us. We close ourselves off and those winds begin to swirl around and around in our own souls, creating a funnel cloud of worry. We begin to believe that life moves from one pain to the next, that dreams do not come true.


Fear wants us to believe change is an option, but change always is.


As my faith has grown, God has invited me to dream bigger and to obey quicker. But, surprise! Even as I take steps of obedience, even as I see God answer prayer, I still get scared. My fear is growing right alongside my faith. But I’m also learning that God doesn’t leave me alone in my fear–it’s me who blocks Him out. It’s me who chooses the lonely, swirling funnelcloud of fear.


Jesus never leaves me alone in my fear. Jesus teaches me what it looks like to walk in faith and obedience. Even when I face pain, I face it with him. And when I walk forward in faith, I do not go alone.



If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer! Get rid of your sins and leave all iniquity behind you…You will be strong and free of fear. You will forget your misery. It will all be gone like water under the bridge…You will have courage because you will have hope. Job 11:13-18


Something Else….

“pray against the fear/pray against the reasons not to try”

David Wilcox, Show the Way


Nicole Unice is a woman who loves a great story, honest conversation and a really good pair of heels.  She has so many issues that she’s written a book about them called “She’s Got Issues.” Come join the conversation at and find her on twitter @nicoleunice.