I love it when I meet women who are fun, vibrant, and bringing life to those around them!  These particular gals I’m featuring on the blog today really know how to bring the party!


I had the honor of meeting Dawn and Marg of Birthday Buddies through the show, “Something To Say”.   Together, Dawn and Marg  provide Birthday giftpacks to children of all ages living in Second Stage Housing for abused women.


Ok, seriously. How cool is that, right? Someone thought about kids coming out of abusive situations and realized that they wouldn’t get to celebrate birthdays like they used to.  An average, every day mom like me took notice and action.  Love it.


Dawn got involved with Birthday Buddies after hearing about her friend Marg’s involvement with the giftpacks.  She has always been passionate about issues relating to women and children.  Having been blessed with a loving family and a comfortable lifestyle, it just seemed right to her to give back in some way.  “It feels great to be able to brighten someone else’s day just a little”, says Dawn.  Who says moms connected in friendship can’t do a world of good if they look around!


Ok, so the question every mom wants to know is; “How do you balance family, life, extra curricular activities and volunteering for the community?” Here’s what Dawn has to say about that:

“Balancing my Birthday Buddies responsibilities with the rest of my life is fairly easy as long as I plan my time well.  I work 3/5 time in a specialist’s office and have 3 sons who are 19, 17 & 16.  Our boys are quite independent and are no longer involved in any minor sports or school sports.  There would have been several years when I couldn’t have made such a volunteer commitment, as we were always going in 2 or 3 different directions to one activity or another!  But those days are over for us and I find it’s really nice to have another focus besides family, house and work.  I would recommend volunteering to anyone who has some time to spare.  You get back what you give; it’s just so rewarding!  The important thing is to find something that’s meaningful for you so that you’ll stick with your commitment.  There is no shortage of opportunities where a person can make an impact; whether it’s in your own community or at a large non-profit, like the Food Bank.  Do the research and then dive in!”


Birthday Buddies is run wholly by volunteers.  Dawn continues, “We plan on providing this service to these deserving children as long as we can continue to raise enough funds to do so.  The volunteers in Winnipeg, Brandon and Calgary are responsible for raising the funds necessary for the costs of deliveries in their city.   Goals for the future relating to Birthday Buddies would include getting more creative with our fund raising and pursuing more corporate donations”.


Ladies (and the gentlemen who also read the blog), if there has ever been a time when the world needs someone like you, it’s now.  The need is great and you’re pretty cool.  I mean, you’ve got something snazzy inside of you that is an ANSWER to someone’s problem.


My question is: Do you see it, like our new friend Dawn did?


And even further: Do you dare dive in to see what could happen?


For heaven’s sake, do it 😉


 Dawn receiving the Sonshine Centre award