My five year old loves being downtown Calgary.  He also enjoys the times we stop and chat with the homeless.  Like the lovely man, Ron, we met the other day who said to us, “You’re the first people who have been nice to me today”.  It was 3:30pm.  My son, in his five year old innocence replied, “We’re always nice to homeless people.”  He needs some tact, yes, but I am thankful he considers this to be normal.


We have decided to do a homeless project this summer where Ben and I will visit with the homeless downtown, giving them bus tickets, bottled water, hygiene items, gift cards for food and coffee, and a homemade message we have made.  We won’t just give them these items, we will stop and visit with them – that being the greatest gift of all.


As an adult, I understand that giving out bus tickets, water, and hygiene items isn’t going to solve homeless issues, but what it models to my five year old that caring doesn’t have to look “big”. Stopping to talk to the homeless also shows him that true love and care doesn’t just give items, but finds out a name.


We kicked off our homeless project by serving lunch at the Drop In Centre the other day and we will continue our project throughout the summer.


Some have mentioned their interest in donating to Ben’s homeless project! We are taking donations of:

  • bus tickets
  • bottled water
  • gift cards for food/coffee
  • hygiene items (one friend who works at a hotel is giving us a stash of hotel soaps they don’t need!)
The above items can also be done through corporate sponsorship.  I have a sponsorship letter if you, or someone you know owns a business that can help with the items.
And here’s something that would be really cool! We’re looking for kids to write notes/cards of encouragement for the homeless.  We’re looking for large masses of cards so when we visit shelters, we can give out as many as possible.  Perhaps this could be a school, church, community program project!


If you would like to donate, please email me at


And hey, maybe you and your family could do something similar or join us!   Why not!