Rachel Starkey lives in Egypt where her husband and her own a textile company.   They have come in contact with a practical need they are meeting in a creative way.  There are 600 million girls in Africa who have dropped out of school because they have no supplies for their menstrual cycle.


I know.  Crazy, right?


That’s 600 million girls who’s future is at stake because of that lovely visitor us women endure each month.  Some prostitute themselves for sanitary items so they can still attend school, others choose to drop out of school, sitting on a mat until the cycle is finished. Can you imagine?


That many uneducated females in a nation is a disaster.  For a female to have access to education means her chances of survival, and a chance to thrive is much greater; thus making life better for her children.


Rachel has seen the need first hand and has figured out a creative solution her textile company can provide.  By taking leftover fabric from clothing such as necklines, they can make specialized underwear to include in a school kit for women!


Simple, yet effective.  Cost-effective and a great use of material!  Here’s the deal.  In order to get an initial 50,000 kits to women waiting in Malawi, they need $50,000 to get the ball rolling. They are hoping to raise this money while at home in Canada till July.  You may ask why you would want to donate to a business? When launching pilot projects, businesses often get investors to help.  You are a valuable investor!  The need is immediate.  The return for your investment greater than any normal business adventure; saving young girls life and investing in the future of a nation.


This has never been done before in their nation.  As they work towards this solution, they are hashing out what will make this initiative sustainable.  This idea is cutting edge and able to implemented immediately.  Once initial kits have been made, the cycle of business can roll to create more kits.  50,000 kits is only the beginning.


I would love to give you the opportunity to connect with Rachel about her solution to a problem we all know is solvable.  If you would like to find out more information or donate, please contact her at rachel@cottontales.com


When a woman dreams and other women surround her, her dream can exceed all she imagined.  What Rachel is undertaking is no small task, but I thank God for women like her who aren’t afraid of a challenge and seeing business as a way to solve world problems.



Will you support her in this?